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Phone-Call Supersedes Yatch Meeting, Messi’s Dad Calls Chelsea Owner Roman Abramovich

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Chelsea fans sit down and hold your breath, no he hasn’t signed a contract with the Blues yet, but the Messi to Chelsea saga is not ready to die down just yet.

According to FootTheBall sources, after his visit to Roman Abramovich’s Yatch, Lionel Messi’s father Jorge Horácio Messi spoke to Chelsea’s filthy rich Russian owner on phone.

The two had a very lengthy conversation and according to sources Jorge spoke in detail about Messi’s unhappiness over the lack of support by Barcelona in the recently concluded tax evasion case.


Both Lionel and Jorge were found guilty by a Catalonia court on 3 counts of tax evasion, with Messi getting prison sentence of 21-months, but due to a loop-hole in the Spanish law, the Argentine superstar won’t go to jail. messi court

But even then Messi is not pleased with how his current club handled the situation and he is considering his options and who better then Chelsea who have been courting the 29-year old for years now.


Abramovich has been a huge admirer of Messi and has tried to sign the little magician on multiple occasions, but the deal could never materialise, however, this time the initiation has been from Messi’s camp which makes it even more exciting for football enthusiasts.


Roman Abramovich is willing to pay a fee in excess of £100 million for the 5 time Ballon d’Or winner and has also agreed to match his current £600k per-week salary.

Though the exact details of Abramovich’s conversation with Messi’s dad are yet to be confirmed, but the phone call might just be the start to what could potentially become the biggest signing football has ever seen.

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