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Mbappe saga is crazy!

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Ever since the news broke of Kylian Mbappe choosing to leave PSG on a free transfer, there has always seemed to be only one destination for him- Real Madrid. However, recently, a report of a Liverpool bid for Mbappe has shaken the footballing world.

Edu Aguirre reported that Liverpool’s bid for Mbappe is nearly €200 million, an amount which would make him the second-most costliest footballer in the world, surpassing…Kylian Mbappe when he made the move to PSG.

As soon as the news of a Liverpool bid for Mbappe broke, social media and the footballing world went crazy.

Are the figures realistic? Could Liverpool actually do it? Most importantly, would Mbappe even entertain the idea of moving to a club not named Real Madrid?

We try to understand-

Liverpool bid for Mbappe- Realistic?

Liverpool’s interest in Kylian Mbappe is not new. They have tracked him since his days at AS Monaco and Jurgen Klopp is a huge fan, as would any manager be of potentially the world’s best player.

However, with figures mentioned in the rage of £170 million, it is difficult to see how that would be realistic.

Liverpool have undoubtedly spent a lot of money under Jurgen Klopp, but with FSG, the Liverpool owners, the focus has always been on sustainability first.

The Reds generally spend the amount that they earn from selling players, and cash injection like state-owned clubs is not the norm here.

They notably walked away from the Jude Bellingham deal when the asking price reached triple figures, and Bellingham, by all accounts, was the key target for them.

If they baulked at an asking price of £100 million for a player who filled a position of need, was homegrown, and is a leader in all aspects, it is not difficult to understand if a Liverpool bid for Mbappe is realistic.

They would effectively be paying more than twice (including agent fees, loyalty bonus, and signing bonus) Bellingham’s asking price for a player who doesn’t have a clear fit tactically in the team, has his eyes on another club, and warrants special attention in the squad.

Liverpool’s spine under Klopp has been built on talent, yes, but hard work is the main ingredient. There is a commitment, even from the star players, to sacrifice themselves for the betterment of the team.

While Mbappe might develop into that sort of a player, early indications at PSG have shown otherwise.

Therefore, while Liverpool might be interested in Mbappe- as would any other team be if a player of his calibre becomes available- it is a pipe dream that they would bid €200 million for the French superstar.

Possible reason behind the news

One possible explanation can be that it is a briefing from PSG’s side. The French champions have made it clear that letting Mbappe leave on a free transfer is the last thing they want.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi has given him two options- Sign a new contract now or leave in this window.

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With Real Madrid’s business completed, especially the purchase of Bellingham making a huge dent in their coffers, getting them on the table for Mbappe was difficult.

Thus, it makes sense to put out the news in the media that other clubs are bidding for Mbappe to tempt Los Blancos into acting now.

However, it is unlikely that they do so. Real Madrid know Mbappe only wants them, and as for PSG, for all their announcements, they really can’t do anything if he just refuses to pen a new contract.

Therefore, in all this hoopla of a Liverpool bid for Mbappe, the big picture remains the same.

Kylian Mbappe plays for PSG this season, doesn’t extend his contract, and joins Real Madrid next summer on a free transfer where he would probably pocket a humongous signing bonus.

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