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Mario Balotelli Offered An Unwanted Lifeline By Third Division Italian Club

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The once highly rated Italian striker Mario Balotelli might have thought that he had seen the worse of football, but while former Manchester City striker is busy preparing for the new season, Italian third division club Lupa Castelli has offered Mario to return back home and re-ignite his passion.

The former AC Milan man struggled during his first campaign at Anfield as he scored just one Premier League goal and mostly played second fiddle in the Red’s attack.

His first-team opportunities look set to be further limited by the arrivals of Christian Benteke, Danny Ings and returning Lille loanee Divock Origi.

The Italian international was also excluded from Liverpool’s pre-season tour of Asia and Australia.

The deal is very unlikely to happen, even with recent problems faced by Balotelli, a forward of his stature would not want to play for a third tier club.

However, honorary president Marco Amelia believes the move could be very positive for the former Manchester City forward and significantly aid his quest to revitalise a stalling career and prove himself while also rebuilding a rapidly faltering reputation.

“Our intention is to bring our friend, Balotelli, here, a player who at this time needs to start afresh because we see that he does not want to play anymore, has fans opposing him and is no longer able to show his quality,” said honorary president of Lupa Castelli Marco Amelia.

“For Balotelli, this could be the first step towards cleaning up his act, taking two steps back and showing everyone what he is capable of doing.”

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Amelia seems to acknowledge the immense difficulty that will inevitably be involved with a transfer that, if somehow achieved, would certainly rank among the most surprising of recent years. Despite that, he obviously retains a belief that it can happen.

He added, “I’ll try to call Mario Balotelli. On an economic point of view, we’ll see what happens. I think that at this time Mario needs to find the will he needs to compete.

“It will be tough, it will be almost impossible as it is something that football has never seen, but he could do it.”

“I’m not sure, that will entirely be up to Mario,” said Brendon Rodgers.

“Mario is obviously not on tour but working hard and training well with a number of other players at Melwood. He is working hard to get fit and we will see when the season begins.”

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