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PSG have finally captured the signature of Lionel Messi after La Pulga has decided to join the Parisians on a two-year deal with an opportunity to extend it for another year. After an emotional and disastrous ending to his tenure as Barcelona’s ‘Greatest’, the Argentine parted ways with his boyhood club. Such a huge transfer, probably the biggest in history, is sure to send ripples through the world of football.



Ligue 1’s stocks would rocket sky-high, Mbappe could stay at the club, players would be attracted to join the Parisians, and the revenue Messi would bring to France would be a huge boost. With the French league started next week, we at FootTheBall take a look at how the transfer of Lionel Messi to Parc Des Prince will change the world of football.




Turn back the pages, and you’ll find that La Liga boasted of some of the greatest players playing for outfits like Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid or Barcelona. The long-lasting Messi-Cristiano rivalry, the youngsters of Atletico Madrid like Courtois or Aguero, and the mouth-watering El Clasico, match fans throughout the world eagerly waited for. While in France the situation was completely opposite, the viewership had dropped, a single outfit dominated the league, and the major portion of the audience was from France. Clubs were on the brink of administration due to faulty broadcasting deals.


And fast-forward to 2021, Lionel Messi’s iconic transfer to the Parisians could change all of that. La Liga has lost two of their diamonds, first Cristiano Ronaldo to Italian giants Juventus, and now the Argentine to PSG. And the departure of Lionel Messi means that a billion fans around the world will switch to watch Ligue 1. The Argentine brought 45 million dollars to the Spanish club with jersey sales. While Messi’s arrival at PSG means that the Parisians would get a massive revenue boost. The spectators will rise, the sales will increase, and people will come to watch more and more matches when Messi is playing.




“This club is ready to fight for all the trophies, this is my goal, to keep growing, keep winning titles and that’s why I’ve come here to this club. I hope we can make it happen,” Messi said on his unveiling as PSG player.

“This league has been growing a lot … it’s more competitive, all the teams are getting stronger because they want to beat PSG,” he said.

Khelaifi went on to say that he hoped TV rights in the league will go higher because of Messi’s presence. He said other club presidents had been in touch with him to discuss the signing, as the trickle-down effect of better deals for the whole league is on the horizon. “I think what we are doing is not only for the club but the city,” he added. “We can all benefit from this situation.”

While the stature of La Liga will surely go down and they will have to re-build themselves from the start. Their reputation has been thrown out of the window, the Spanish clubs aren’t trusting the league’s administrators, and the nightmare of losing Messi has just turned into reality. And for Ligue 1, one man’s loss is another man’s gain.




The emergence of a new trio in Parc Des Princes means that Kylian Mbappe’s transfer to Real Madrid could have taken a hit. The poster boy of the French national team, PSG would make all efforts to keep their talismanic striker at the club. Lionel Messi’s arrival suggests that Mbappe could stay at the club. President Nasser Al-Khelaifi has already laid down a marker for the French striker.

“I think everybody knows the future of Kylian, people from Paris and the players. He is a really competitive player. He wants to win, he wants to win trophies, he said it in public.

“He wanted a competitive team and I think we have got the most competitive in the world. So there is no excuse for him now. He can’t do anything else but stay,” Khelaifi said, with more confidence about Mbappe’s extension than ever before.

The fans at PSG must have already imagined a galloping Kylian Mbappe finishing a whopping ball fabricated by the Argentine genius.





And with the 22-year-old reaching towards a contract extension, Los Blancos might have to wait for a little longer to find the replacement of Cristiano Ronaldo. This could backfire big time as Real Madrid have taken nuclear steps to free up space for the French superstar, already losing captain Sergio Ramos and Raphael Varane.




The Frenchman is a starter in Didier Deschamps’ eleven, and PSG who are assembling the biggest galacticos of the world won’t be willing to sell Mbappe. Lastly, Messi’s arrival and PSG’s unimaginable roster suggests that they are the biggest challenges for the European crown. And something that has evaded the French giants is the Champions League title. With PSG buying the world’s best creator, goal-scorer, and dribbler, the Parisians’ silverware drought might soon end.



When Messi wished to go last year, PSG expressed a great deal of interest, and this summer they have finally purchased Europe’s biggest prospect. The Parisians are supported by finances from Abu Dhabi and Qatar, and can not only handle Messi’s pay, but they also have a roster designed exclusively for him to thrive. And Messi’s transfer to PSG has far-reaching implications for a number of players as well as European football.
Numerous pundits believe that PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi is assembling a squad that can be the image of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. After all, Nasser Al-Khelaifi’s country is hosting the world’s most prestigious and glorious footballing event.




Neymar was offered a contract extension a few months ago, Mbappe’s contract expires only after the Qatar showdown, and now Messi has joined the battalion of galacticos. Having these monikers on a team sheet not only boost Pochettino’s squad but also the image surrounding the Qatar World Cup. And the number of people who are opposing the event could gradually decline if Messi is made the poster boy of the event.



And Messi’s age also suggests that it could be the Argentine’s last bite at the cherry. And if Messi announces international retirement after the Qatar World Cup, the people supporting the event will surely bypass the number of people against it. Therefore the transfer of Lionel Messi will surely change the world of football, and how “Sportswashing” as a concept is looked at worldwide.




In the early weeks of February, shocking news clouded the world of football. Several teams across Europe had agreed to form a breakaway league after reports claimed that they weren’t happy with the model and structure of UEFA. Although the league was dissolved just three days later after waves of protests across the globe, three teams Juventus, Real Madrid, and Barcelona hadn’t backed out of the possibility of creating such a league.



The Director of the European Super League, Florentino Perez stated that they want to form a competition where the top teams fight with each other and UEFA have failed to help clubs in the crisis. Throughout the announcements Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi had stayed silent on the topic, not even saying a word even after the league folded. Now with Messi changing ships to a team who were disinterested from the start, Barcelona could do anything to restore their wealth.



Los Blancos were always prepared for the storm that came with the league but Messi’s departure has given the freedom to the Catalans. Because if Messi would have opposed the league, Joan Laporta and company would have had to follow the Argentine’s roadmap otherwise an unwanted uproar could have followed.


In 2011, UEFA had introduced the Financial Fair Play Rules, so that the bridge between the richer clubs in Europe and the weaker clubs reduces. According to the rules, any club can spend an amount equal to their incomes and if the limit is crossed they can only spend 25 million pounds for the next three years.

But a few reports have suggested that PSG could be breaking the FFP rules with Messi’s signatures.


An official complaint from a lawyer from Barcelona, Juan Branco surely suggested so. He said: “On behalf of FC Barcelona partners, my firm has prepared a complaint with the European Commission and demands for provisional suspension before civil and administrative courts in France to prevent Paris-Saint Germain from signing Lionel Messi.”PSG’s ratios in terms of ‘Financial Fair Play’ are worse than those of FC Barcelona.”In 2019-2020, PSG’s salary-to-income ratio was 99%, while Barcelona’s was 54%. Meanwhile, the difference has increased.”It is inconceivable that the ‘Financial Fair Play’ serves to aggravate the drifts of football-business, the instrumentalization of football by sovereign powers, and the distortion of competitions.”

Khelaifi, on his part, came out strongly against such claims in the press conference unveiling Messi. “Regarding FFP, we always follow the regulations from day one to the end. We will always follow these regulations. before we do anything, we check with our commercial, financial and legal people. We have the capacity to sign him. What Leo brings to the club is huge, which you can see just outside. He is a big asset for the club. I hope Leo will not ask for more salary, but what we have is fantastic,” he said.



But the first point to mention is that the laws have been loosened as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic. Rules were loosened to aid ‘smaller’ teams that had seen their revenue plummet. When you’re wealthy with resources like PSG is – given that they’re controlled by Qatar – a respite like this gives an opening to be more proactive in your hiring policy. Although a decision is yet to come, the transfer of Lionel Messi will surely change world football.

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