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A Brazilian magician at work, Neymar’s brilliant performances for his national squad has put him in the bracket of Brazilian titans. PSG’s engine of destruction, Neymar’s exceptional playing style makes him a selling material. Always knocking on the opposition’s door, his outrageous skills make him the player he is. This Copa America Neymar has the chance to break Pele’s record for the most goals for Brazil.





And once again with the Copa America kicking-off in a sombre scenario, the Selecao wolves needed a leader to lead the pack. A 3-0 thrashing of Venezuela and bulldozing 4-0 over a drained Peru, proved Tite’s dominance in Copa America. Neymar’s 2 goals in 2 matches have helped him pick up pace in the race for Brazilians all-time top-scorers. PSG’s talismanic striker is not just 7 goals behind one of the grandmaster’s of the game Pele.




The King of football began his unexpected footballing journey in a small Brazilian town titled Minas Gerais. Rarely earning a buck to survive, Pele’s wallet didn’t support him when he went wandering for a football. Unfortunately, he had to use a rubber ball as the Black Pearl learned the tricks of the game. Conquering the world with a dominant Selecao squad, he could be deemed ‘Pele the Great’.



Soon enough a similar young flesh was associated with the King’s name. A dribbler, at first sight, a shooter at a second-watch, and a complete package when looked at carefully, Neymar Jr. became the talk of the town. From Brazil’s freestyler to a Spanish treble winner to a Galactico at PSG the journey has been exceptional for him.  




Soon enough the ex-Barcelona striker was ruling teams and hearts. Turn the clock back to 2010, a paper-thin show-boater dons the Brazilian jersey for the very first time. 11 years down the line, the lion in yellow is carrying the Brazilian team on his experienced shoulders. Everything had changed except the fact that his flamboyant skills were still a part and parcel of his beautiful game.


A scintillating performance against Peru, and a goal in the 68th minute to double the advantage, sneaked Neymar a goal ahead in the mouth-watering race.


According to Brazil’s national team manager Tite, Neymar is a living beast. Wrecking defences, dribbling past rivals, and scoring jaw-dropping goals the striker has received a special blessing from God. “He has a personal thing, he developed his skills to give assists, his right foot, his left foot. He became unpredictable,” A proud Brazilian manager exclaimed in happiness after Brazil demolished Venezuela in their opening fixture.


Tite is working on a system to give Neymar space closer to the goal and more protection. “That’s where the adversaries fear pressing him harder, they could give a foul in an important place,” Tite said. “We structured our team so he can … (be) more efficient to create.”


The 68th minute and Neymar’s 68th goal in the prestigious Brazilian outfit, the coincidence is uncanny. Although with just 9 goals separating the two names and Brazil looking like favourites to win their successive piece of international silverware, the gap could keep on reducing between Pele and Neymar.



After netting in a thunderous strike against Peru, an emotional Neymar drained in sweat and a few tears. Constantly being blamed for PSG’s faltered run in the Champions League, Neymar’s title has a huge hidden package along with it. 


It’s moving for me [to get closer to Pele’s record], I’ve been through a lot these last two years,” Neymar said. “These [goal] numbers are nothing more than my joy of playing for Brazil, representing my country, my family. We’re all going through a very atypical moment, a very hard moment in Brazil and elsewhere.


“To be a role model for someone, to make people happy, it gives me joy. I love the story that I’m writing here, I want my family and friends to be proud. I hope everyone who loves this game is proud of me because these numbers don’t mean anything, only the pride of representing Brazil.”




With retirement and Neymar being complete opposites of each other, Pele’s exceptional record is under threat. With just 10 more goals required, the new edition of Copa America is all prepared to witness Neymar’s greatness. The sometimes salty Pele took to Instagram to express his emotions for the Brazilian veteran.


“I, like all Brazilians, am always happy when I see him playing. Today, he took another step towards my goalscoring record for the Selecao. And I’m rooting for him to get there, with the same joy I’ve had since I saw him play for the first time.” an emotional Pele wrote.



The post was long enough for Neymar’s so-called contagious smile to be brought into action once again. But on a serious note, if Neymar tries missing his sister’s birthday for a while and ignores injuries he could conquer the throne of Brazil.

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