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Many Clubs and Associations in England are planning to boycott social media from 30th April to 3rd May in response to racism occurring on social media platforms. Authorities including the Football Association, Premier League, English Football League, FA Women’s Super League, FA Women’s Championship, PFA (Professional Footballers’ Association), and Kick It Out announced that they will boycott social media in a joint statement.

Kick it out is an initiative to tackle any kind of Racism or hate occurring at any platform. Kick it out’s chairman, Sanjay Bhandari said “This boycott signifies our collective anger, Social media is now sadly a regular vessel for toxic abuse.


“By removing ourselves from the platforms, we are making a symbolic gesture to those with power. We need you to act. We need you to create change.


“We need social media companies to make their platforms a hostile environment for trolls rather than for the football family.”


This action comes following consistent reports of various kinds of abuses and racist comments being passed on the social media. Many top authorities all over Europe have been asking social media companies to do something to tackle the issue of racism and abuse on these platforms and because of lack of attention given to this issue by the social media companies many of these associations in England have decided to boycott social media in order to create awareness and thus driving these social media companies to actually start working on these problems.

The Football Association, Premier League, English Football League, FA Women’s Super League, FA Women’s Championship, PFA (Professional Footballers’ Association), and Kick It Out wrote a letter to the UK Government, the letter said “Across a full fixture programme in the men’s and women’s professional game and will see clubs across the Premier League, EFL, WSL and Women’s Championship switch off their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts”.

“Finally, while football takes a stand, we urge the UK government to ensure its Online Safety Bill will bring in strong legislation to make social media companies more accountable for what happens on their platforms, as discussed at the DCMS Online Abuse round table earlier this week.”

The Premier League’s Chief Executive in a press conference also said that, “Racist behaviour of any form is unacceptable and the appalling abuse we are seeing players receive on social media platforms cannot be allowed to continue.”

“The Premier League and our clubs stand alongside football in staging this boycott to highlight the urgent need for social media companies to do more in eliminating racial hatred.”

“We will not stop challenging social media companies and want to see significant improvements in their policies and processes to tackle online discriminatory abuse on their platforms.”

Trent Alexander Arnold, Raheem Sterling, Reece James & Tyrone Mings are just football players out of many who have been on the receiving end of this dreadful hate.

The ‘Say No to Racism’ Campaign started in the Premier League after the George Floyd incident may be setting a really good example for young kids all around the world but as a matter of fact all of these campaigns have little to none effect on the situation on a whole. As a matter of fact, online hate has been increasing after all these incidents.


It has been over a month since Reece James left all social media sites because of all the hate and abuse being faced by him. Its not just James who left all kinds of social media, even Henry took to social media saying he is leaving social media and he will not be back until the situation of racism and hate starts getting better.

We, at FootTheBall stand with this initiative and hope every measure is taken to tackle the ill omen that is social media abuse faced by football players.

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