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Georgia vs. Scotland

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The football history between Georgia and Scotland is marked by a series of competitive encounters dating back to 2007. With a total of 6 matches played head-to-head, the rivalry between these two teams has produced thrilling moments on the pitch. Let’s delve into the history of their matchups and explore the current form of both the Georgia and Scotland National Teams. So without further ado, here is Scotland National Football Team Vs Georgia National Football Team Timeline.

Historical Encounters: Scotland National Football team vs Georgia National Football team

Since 2007, Georgia and Scotland have faced each other in 5 matches, showcasing a balanced rivalry with Georgia winning 2 and Scotland clinching victory in 3 games. These matches, spanning various competitions including the UEFA European Championship, have seen intense battles such as Scotland’s 2-1 win in 2007 and Georgia’s 2-0 triumph in the same year. Notable recent encounters include Georgia’s 1-0 victory in 2015 and Scotland’s 2-0 win in June 2023, highlighting the competitive dynamic between the teams.

Recent Performances: Scotland National Football team vs Georgia National Football team

In terms of recent form, the Georgia National Team has displayed a commendable performance with 4 wins, 2 draws, and 4 losses in the International Friendlies season. This indicates a competitive level within their recent matches, setting the stage for exciting future contests.

On the other hand, the Scotland National Team has exhibited a strong run of form, particularly during the UEFA Euro 2024 qualifying campaign. With five wins out of five matches, including a notable 2-0 victory over Spain, Scotland demonstrated their prowess on the pitch. Despite a setback against Spain, they secured qualification for Euro 2024 with two matches to spare, reflecting their positive trajectory in recent times.

Key Players

Both Georgia and Scotland boast talented players who can significantly impact their team’s performance. For Georgia, Khvicha Kvaratskhelia stands out as a dynamic winger known for his speed, dribbling ability, and creativity in creating scoring opportunities. His impressive performances have earned him recognition as a key player for the Georgia National Team.


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Meanwhile, Scotland relies on the contributions of players like Scott McTominay, a versatile midfielder who excels in both defensive and offensive roles. McTominay’s physical presence, work rate, and ability to control the midfield make him an invaluable asset for both club and country. His dedication and skill have positioned him as a rising star in the football world, adding depth to Scotland’s squad.

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As the rivalry between Georgia and Scotland continues to unfold, football enthusiasts eagerly anticipate future matchups characterized by intense competition and skillful performances from key players. While this upcoming fixture generates excitement, Scotland National Football Team Vs Georgia National Football Team timeline has given us some exciting and suspenseful games.

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