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Sports provide a sense of thrill and stimulate the brain like nothing else. If by any chance, there’s anything that comes close, it is gambling. When these two come together, sport becomes much more than just passion and enthusiasm. The prospect of financial reward with the game results in increased dopamine and gives the viewers a completely new aspect to look at.

Betting is on a rise in all sports around the world with many professionals engaging in creating new algorithms and systems based on in-depth analysis and crunching numbers to generate the best risk-reward ratio. There are many new betting companies on the market that are providing economic offers and inviting new users into the world of sports betting.



There has been a significant rise in the number of users involved in betting over the recent years, especially in football with international tournaments like Copa America and Euros gaining record viewership. Let us dive into the world of gambling in sports and see the different aspects of it.



Currently, the market is composed of hundreds of betting websites that provide completely legal services, safe, risk-free platforms, and huge selections of sports, including major events like the FIFA World Cup or the Summer Olympics. And just like most online casino sites in India, sportsbooks are also licensed and regulated by internationally recognized agencies like the United Kingdom Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority, and constantly audited by companies such as eCOGRA.

There are plenty of ways to place a bet, and different sports have different methods and wagers. Players can choose to bet on outcomes of current and upcoming matches, by wagering on the winner or the spread (score difference), and also place wagers on futures of competitions, such as the winners and runners-up of a tournament.



Companies are covering as many aspects of sports as they can. A recent example being the football transfer window, in which punters can place their bets on whether a player will transfer to another club or not, which players will be signed by a club, or even which club will land that superstar. Apart from this, the usual wagers like which player is going to score a goal, or who will assist, half-time and full-time scores, and even the man of the match award are covered by sportsbooks.

In other sports like cricket, the bets can be placed on each player’s scores, who will take how many wickets, catches, etc. There are also short session bets on the total score at a particular point of an inning and not just the winner of the match.



Gambling is slowly becoming integral to sports and can be seen everywhere – as teams and stadiums sponsors, in advertisements and banners, and even on airplanes flying over thousands of fans at stadiums all over the world. Another popular practice is to recruit famous athletes as brand ambassadors, with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Peter Schmeichel, Drew Brees, and Connor McGregor being linked to different operators in the market.

Companies are trying hard to make the most of the new trend and what used to be a complicated and controversial practice, is now a handy line of work and a pastime that is attracting millions of new customers worldwide. And technology advancements, such as 5G networks and safer data encryptions, have also contributed to this rise.



Betting companies like Bet365, BetFair, Paddy Power provide easy-to-use mobile applications, and with the increase in time that people spend on their phones, it is likely that avid sports watchers will get redirected to one of these websites and read about the prospect of placing wagers and making predictions on their favourite teams and matches.

With this rising trend of sports betting in developing countries in sports like Cricket, Football, Horse Racing, Tennis, Golf, and what not, it looks like a perennially growing trend, and the new additions have given a different dimension to the betting domain and it has certainly increased the fun factor involved, apart from the financial one. All this has resulted in the unforeseen rise in the betting industry that doesn’t look like halting anytime soon.

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