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The Football Analytics Resource Guide

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Betting on football can be a fun activity but you have to be very cautious because you can lose a lot. Therefore, you need to use all the resources available to you. This is the best way to ensure that you’re going to maximize your winnings and decrease your risks.

There are numerous resources available to football gamblers but some of them will prove to be more fruitful than others. Within this in-depth article, you’re going to learn a lot about resources that are beneficial for football gamblers.

Big Plays Are Random

As you already know, big plays can make a big difference when it comes to football. A hail Mary pass can result in the losing team coming out as the winner. With that being said, you have to pay close attention to those big plays. Unfortunately, this creates some uncertainty because big plays can be random. Skill can help but the outcome of big plays is still random. You can evaluate a team’s chances by determining whether or not they’re going to land those big plays.

However, some randomness will impact the outcome. If you’re able to use football analytics to determine the likelihood that a big play is going to come through, there is a good chance that you’ll win a lot of money.

Quarterback Risks

When the quarterback throws the ball, there are numerous risks involved. There is a chance that they’re going to be sacked and that will result in lost yards. In the worst situation, the quarterback will throw a pick and the other team will take over control.

Well, you should know that analytics can tell you a lot about quarterback risks. During the recent period, the pick rate dipped significantly. Previously, it was 4.5%. Now, the number has dropped to 2.4%. This means that going for the pass is less risky than it was before.

Whether you’re betting on a quarterback or you’re playing UFAbet, you have to understand that luck is going to play a role in the outcome.

Using analytical data can help but you have to cross your fingers and hope everything will come out okay.

4th Down Plays

The 4th down is the most important down in football. If the team doesn’t make it, they’re going to turn over the ball to their opponent. Suffice to say, going for it on the 4th down can be very dangerous. This is why most teams are going to punt the ball.

However, there are some situations when going for it on the 4th down is the best option. To gain a better understanding of this decision, you have to look at the points the team can obtain by punting, risking it, or going for the field goal.

When you analyze this information, you will find that coaches will benefit significantly by going for it more often. This will ensure that they’re able to retain possession of the ball and emerge as the winner.


Betting on football isn’t easy but you can swing the odds into your favor. The best way to do that is by reaping the rewards of football analytics. Using this data will give you the upper hand so your football bets can be successful.

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