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Matches with the most red cards

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Football is a very attractive sport for many people around the world. However, each match will also have players making mistakes. Many red cards have been drawn. Which matches are those?
The ball matches not only attract viewers by the attractive gameplay of the players but also bring many surprises. There are matches that have been delayed or become chaotic by players who have violated the rules of the game. That is equivalent to the referee drawing a red card. Getting a red card is the most regrettable thing for a player who breaks the law and for the team. The match is continued and football live is still going on normally. Except that the player receiving the red card will not be present for the remainder of the match. The following will be the football matches with the most red cards in world football history.

Staff vs Netherlands (2006)

The great battle between Portugal and the Netherlands set a record in the history of the World Cup as well as the entire tournament system organized by FIFA with the most tickets. Specifically, the Russian referee Valentin Ivanov drew 16 yellow and 4 red cards. Both teams ended up with nine on the field, with Khalid Boulahrouz, Giovanni van Bronckhorst, Costinha and Deco leaving the field after receiving two yellow cards for different reasons.

Fenerbahce vs Galatasaray (IN 2002)

The Turkish derby between Fenerbahce and Galatasaray has never stopped being tense and drastic. The match that took place in February 2002 was the pinnacle of hostility. Fenerbahce won at least 1-0 in the match where the away team was sent off 4 players. All the names getting red cards came in the second half, causing Galatasaray to end the match with 7 people on the field. The couple almost recreated the 2012 miracle, receiving 2 red cards and 14 yellow cards.

Atletico Madrid vs Osasuna (YEAR 2007)

Osasuna left Atletico Madrid’s Vicente Calderon in January 2007 with a 0-1 defeat and a long list of players banned. There are 4 red cards drawn, all for the Osasuna players. Carlos Cuellar, Roberto Soldado and Ricardo Lopez were sent off at the start and middle of the second half, before Raul Garcia received a red card in the 96th minute.

Chesterfield vs Plymouth Argyle (YEAR 1997)

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In February 1997, a visit to Plymouth Argyle’s Chesterfield pitch got off to a bad start when a visitor was sent off for a two-foot misuse. In the final minutes of the match, Plymouth goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar was injured after a ball game, causing a scuffle that sent four more players off the pitch.

Bristol Rovers vs Wigan Athletic (YEAR 1997)

In December 1997, the match between Wigan and Bristol Rovers saw 5 red cards, four of which came in the first half. After a Rovers defender was sent off by referee Kevin Lynch for two cards, a first-half stoppage-time brawl resulted in two other players from the visitors and one Wigan player being sent off. In the second half, Rovers midfielder Josh Low received an additional red card, causing the two teams to end the match with 6 players on the field.

Espanyol vs Barcelona (YEAR 2003)

The record for the most number of red cards in a La Liga match was set in the Catalan derby in December 2003. A total of 6 players were sent off, with 2 direct red cards and 4 red cards after receiving 2 yellow cards. Surprisingly, all card draw situations stem from separate incidents, instead of a mass brawl.

Recreativo Linense vs Saladillo De Algeciras (YEAR 2009)

A match in the Spanish first division in January 2009 turned into a farce, when the referee drew 19 red cards. According to The Guardian, the showdown between Recreativo Linense and Saladillo de Algeciras worsened when a red Recreativo card inspired a huge brawl that resulted in the match being canceled. In the dressing room, the umpire proceeded to expel nine more players from each side.

Sportivo Ameliano vs General Caballero (1993)

The two Paraguay teams, Sportivo Ameliano and General Caballero, entered the 1993 record book, when it became one of the encounters with the most red cards, when 20 red cards were drawn. According to The Guardian, the dismissal of two Sportivo players inspired a 10-minute brawl that resulted in the game being canceled.

Claypole vs Victoriano Arenas (2011)

The world record for red cards in a high-profile match was set in the 2011 match between Claypole and Victoriano Arenas in Argentina. After two players were sent off in the first half, the second half played out with a series of dangerous fights, resulting in a huge brawl involving players, coaches and fans. According to The Independent, referee Damian Rubino drew a red card for each player, and chased 14 more substitutes and coaches. A total of 36 people received red cards.

Teniente Farina vs Libertad (YEAR 2012)

When the match between Teniente Farina and Libertad takes place, with only 5 minutes remaining, referee Nestor Guillen has drawn 2 red cards to chase players from each team.
This was also when the chaos occurred when the two refused to leave the field and started to fight.
In just a few moments, the players became out of control and the pitch became the arena with successive kung-fu performances from the players on the bench of the two teams. Even the members of the coaching staff, instead of trying to interfere with the players, also jumped in to participate in the fight.
After the incident ended, referee Guillen went to the changing rooms of the two teams and drew a red card with a total of 36 members. The match curator decided the best course of action would be to draw red cards for every player from both teams, a total of 36 red cards drawn. This action made the president of Hernan Martinez of Teniente Farina very angry. He said that the referee was not on the field to observe what happened.
Getting a red card is inevitable when making mistakes in football matches. However, it is very rare to play a match with many red cards. Which match do you feel most impressed with? Leave a comment below.
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