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On 25th November of a dreadful 2020, Argentina announced three days of national mourning. Argentina had just lost its pride, and the world had lost a God. The God of football.

Diego Maradona lived a passionate life, on and off the pitch. For over three decades now, Maradona has been a popular choice for content in the front and back pages of the newspaper. Back pages highlighting the footballing prowess. Frontpage prints usually came with controversial headlines.

The Barcelona, Napoli, and Boca Juniors star suffered a heart failure, ending a life-long journey that was closely witnessed by the world. Watching Maradona glide through defenses during his prime, to watching him thump his chest in sorrow as a young Messi tries to lead Argentina to a victory – we saw the game evolve with him.

Not long ago in 2019, Director Asif Kapadia imprinted the footballing legends life on film in the documentary titled – Maradona. Watching that film today will certainly hit home differently. For, if you are a fan of the game, you just cannot ignore the devotion associated with an icon like Diego.

The legend hinted at the end with his last words – “I feel sick.”

Maradona had a history of health problems due to his excessive drinking habit and drug abuse. The 1994 World Cup saw the God of Football get tested for stimulus ephedrine. He had tested positive.

Diego’s involvement with Argentinian mafia gangs wasn’t a secret. The player did go through the classic arc of a star. How stardom weighs on the shoulders of the talented and brings them to nasty endings.

Maradona’s time at Napoli will go down in footballing history as a one-man revolution. A ferocious Maradona led the side to a Seria-A and UEFA Cup, almost single-handedly.

Maradona earned 91 caps and netted 34 goals during his playing career. Additionally, three league titles, a UEFA Cup, and a World Cup decorated his hall of fame. These numbers seem minuscule for a player of his stature. However, to watch Maradona dribble is worth more than all this silverware combined. It’s the kind of talent that cannot be measured in awards.

“One day, I hope, we play soccer together in the sky.” – Pele on Maradona’s demise.

With clubs all around the world expressing their tribute to the legend with social media posts, others like Ronaldo, Rashford, and Jose Mourinho out forward their individual respects.

‘You took us to the top of the world. You made us immensely happy. You were the greatest of all,’ said the Argentinian President Alberto Fernandez.

The city of Naples puts aside everything else to remember their favorite child. The city with Maradona murals all over has taken to the streets to pay tribute to the footballing legend.

Tributes pour in for the Argentine Icon Diego Maradona


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