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The whole world is bowing down to Tom Brady as the 43-year-old NFL veteran won his 7th Super Bowl ring as his team, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers from the South Division beat the defending champions, Kansas City Chiefs. Footballers from around the world showed their admiration on Twitter and Instagram.

Tom Brady has been playing American Football for more than two decades now and has won 7 Super bowls in his career, making him the most decorated NFL player in the tournament’s history. He won his first six Super Bowls with New England Patriots before leaving them in 2020 and everybody thought that would be the end of Tom Brady’s glorious Career, however, he has proved all of them wrong. Tom Brady is currently the oldest player in the NFL and he still was the best player in the whole Postseason.

The final game was played in Buccaneer’s home ground, the Raymond James Stadium and the home team beat Kansas City Chiefs 31-9 and Tom Brady was the most valuable player on the pitch last night.


Footballers from around the world have shown their love and respect for Tom Brady through social media. Here are a few world-class players who love Tom Brady like we do.

David Beckham:

Harry Kane:

Tom Brady
Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Harry Kane

Kevin De Bruyne before the game:

Tom Hardy
Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Kevin De bruyne

Didier Drogba:


Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez:

Tom Brady
Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Javier “Chicharito” Hernández

Carli Lloyd :

Antoine Griezmann had a special seat in the stadium last night.

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