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Top 6 NFL Players of all Time

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The national football league was established in 1869. Since its inception, there have been many players who have made a mark in the game. These players are significant assets to the lovers of football and betting enthusiasts worldwide.

One needs to be highly talented to leave a mark in the NFL. The playing standards need to be high and not the usual ball kicking that can be done by teenage boys. This could also be why the wagering scene on NFL is a big thing. If you want to place a bet on your favourite team, you could head over to a bookmaker like William Hill Sportsbook.

Here are the top 5 NFL players of all time:

1. Tom Brady

Tom Brady is the best player to have ever played in the NFL. Having played for 20 seasons for New England Patriots, he played in 9 Superbowls, winning 6 of them.

He is a 3 time Regular season MVP and a 4 time Super Bowl MVP Award winner.

He is regarded as the greatest Quarterback of all time! Brady is one of only two quarterbacks to win a Super Bowl in their first season as a starter. He is also the only one to reach 200 regular-season wins.
Brady has never had a losing season as a starting quarterback. He has led his team to more division titles (17) than any other quarterback in NFL history!
His postseason record of 30–11 is first all-time in playoff wins and appearances for an NFL player, including an NFL-record eight consecutive AFC championship games between 2011 and 2018.
Also included in 14 Pro Bowls selections, he holds a joint record for the same.
Thus undoubtedly a hero of the game- deservedly on our list!

And he was passed on by 198 teams in the 2000 NFL draft, let that sink in!


2. Jerry Rice

Jerry Rice is a retired receiver of the National football league. He is a veteran whose talent is above the rest. With three super bowl wins on his belt, it is no wonder that his talent began back in high school. His football records are arguably unbreakable. You may be wondering what sets him apart. Well, here are traits that single him out.

  • Highly talented.
  • High speed in the field.
  • Incredible strength.
  • An unconventional style.
  • A trail of high success in the field.

Rice’s talent is yet to be broken by new national football league players.

3. Jim Brown

Jim Brown played between 1957- 1966. Though his football years were few, he is considered a football legend due to his domination in the game. Can you think of a man with vast years of experience and a good reputation in football? That is Jim Brown.

Jim’s National football records are 15. His intelligence and strength propelled him to success in football. After retiring from football, he pursued acting.

4. Joe Montana

Joe Montana is a reputed player with the 49ers who have won super bowl title four times. Joe is the legendary player who won MVP honours three times. Joe is a football success story that motivates other football players.

After retiring, Joe Montana suffered from the ravages of football. The strains of vigorous activity have made his life less-active.

5. Lawrence Taylor

Lawrence was a member of the New York Giants. Lawrence has made the team stand out as a result of his exemplary performance. Many football fans recognize the team through his talent.

Taylor’s wide built physique and swift speed worked well to make him a versatile player. Speed and strength are traits that make great footballers like Lawrence. Lawrence is also a world-class athlete.

6. Walter Payton

Payton’s carrier dates back in the 1990s. He has made his way into the football hall of fame as a result of his football prowess. He had a great playing ability that enabled him to dominate the football league through the 90s.

Payton received football’s highest honour in 1993 as a result of his brilliance and great spirit in playing football.

While many argue that football eras are different, playing fields are not similar, and schedules can never be the same, the ability of players remain. You look at football stats to pick the best players from the pack of many players in the field. The above players remain arguably the best of all-time in the NFL. Check out the latest news around the NFL training camp 2020.



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