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Tax Trials Can Prevent Messi & Neymar Entry Into UK If Barca Reach UCL Final

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Barcelona stars Lionel Messi and Neymar could be barred from entering the UK if Barcelona reach the final of the Champions League final due to their ongoing tax evasion cases.

The concern comes directly from UEFA chief Aleksander Ceferin as he fears that the duo might not be allowed to play in Cardiff in June.

However, it is very unlikely that the Catalan giants will reach the finals as they have a 4-0 deficit to overturn in the last 16 round against Paris Saint-Germain.

Earlier in the season PSG star Serge Aurier was denied entry into the UK due to an impending assault conviction.

Ceferin has also warned the United Kingdom that Brexit will also affect their chances to host the EURO 2028 and the World Cup in 2030.

London is set to host both the semi-final and final of the EURO 2020, but after that any bid to host a major tournament could be in jeopardy according to the UEFA boss.

“If Brexit happens, everything changes, but football was played before, and it will be played in the future. Now, with free movement in the European Union, it is much better.” Ceferin said.

“I was very disappointed when Aurier, from PSG, was not allowed to enter England.”

“That will worsen when Brexit happens, especially if the reasons were as formal. We could have a serious problem.”

“If we see that players cannot enter because they have any sort of procedure ongoing, then we will simply think if we should play our European matches there.”

“Neymar and Lionel Messi both have (tax evasion) procedures going on. This year, the Champions League final is in Cardiff. Imagine if they did not let them in.”

“That is a big thing for us, if players from England can travel anywhere but players from other teams cannot travel to England. With free movement in Europe, it is much better.”

“Even in 2020, if Brexit has happened, then it can be a big problem for fans. That stays firm, and we will speak to the British government, and I am sure the English Football Association will help us.”

Barca face PSG on March 8 as they look to create Champions League history by overturning a four goal deficit.

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