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UEFA are close to sanctioning the 12 errant clubs that tried to launch the ‘European Super League’ competition. The sanctions could range from fines for executives and clubs to banning a club for two years from participating in any of the European competitions, which is the maximum punishment that the governing body can inflict.



This development comes along the lines of what UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin had said earlier that all the parties involved will be held liable but to a different extent for each involved, with the Premier League “big six” being separated from the rest of the group in terms of severity of punishment.



UEFA has been in discussions with all the parties involved over the past several days, with the latest news being that the English clubs and Atletico Madrid have formally discussed falling in line with the governing body. Inter Milan may be the next to join the seven, in siding with Ceferin and co. on this issue.



The remaining four clubs have steadfastly maintained that they are still firm believers in the concept of the Super League and they state that the documents they gave to FIFA say they are asking for “permission” and “recognition.”  Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has even said in interviews that it is still alive and it will be back soon with clubs that want to leave will pay a fine.



In this regard, a showdown seems inevitable in the aforementioned regard between the two sides with Article 51 of the UEFA statute which explicitly forbids any clubs or associations from forming alliances without permission from UEFA.



With Ceferin trying to persuade two others to leave the seemingly doomed venture, in order to trigger a formal collapse of the Super League, that might be easier said than done. A court in Madrid had recently ordered a stay on UEFA launching its own legal battle against some of the clubs till the case has not been heard in full.



All of this sets the stage for a protracted battle between the two sides, with neither seemingly willing to back down from its own stance. One thing is for certain, the fallout from the Super League failure will continue for a long time and this is just the tip of a looming iceberg.

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