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Why Barcelona will hit the jackpot by getting Neymar in 2020

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Born in 1992, the Brazilian Forward, Neymar, is set to make history when his estranged transfer goes through this summer. Remember, Camp Nou has been trying to clinch the player since last summer but with no success. They even offered Paris Saint-Germain a deal tuning to $115 million, plus two other Barcelona players on loan, including the legendary Ousmane Dembele! It is quite incredible why the France club would turn down such an offer.

While rumors speculate that Neymar has the chance of joining either Manchester United or Barcelona, we see him going to Camp Nou after all. Do you remember his first unveiling and parade on June 3, 2013? Camp Nou was historically filled to the brim with more than 56,500 fans. Well, that shows how Neymar is awaiting a warm reception. He has also hinted that he can’t wait to play alongside Messi! Wow! How are you expecting such a team-up to turn out? Of course, splendid! Maybe this is just the right time for a winning vzabet.com prediction, especially with legendary players on one side. Here are the reasons why Barcelona will hit the jackpot by getting Neymar this summer:

He is more productive than Messi

Do you remember when Neymar broke a record of scoring two goals with one assist in 7 minutes record time? Not even Messi could do that in the whole of the UEFA round of 16 last seasons. Messi is a great player, but he must anticipate greatness other than him in Barcelona when Neymar finally seals the deal. Remember, Neymar is all down for Barcelona that he even refused considering renewing his contract with PSG.

He is young

So, Neymar is younger than Messi, but he already outperforms him. At 25, he is a leading goal sensation with seven goals ahead of the known superstars. What do you think will be his performance in the next four years or so? Because truly, the Brazilian star is yet to reach the peak of his playing ability! We are going to see his full potential as a Forward when he lands at Camp Nou.

The newest benchmark

We know there are Messi and Ronaldo, but do you know Neymar is the latest benchmark for most clubs? When a player from another club shows an exemplary performance, he is immediately compared to Neymar. For instance, you can see how Mbappe and Hazard stole the show this season, but statistics and opinion polls show that Neymar is still way ahead of them! Therefore Barcelona is not only getting a talented winger but a worldwide star with so much respect from colleague players and fans. Thus, again, it is that time of the year to have a sure vizabet.com prediction on Neymar’s head!

He is up for grabs

How many times has Real Madrid expressed desires to sign the Brazilian star through their local daily, the Marca? Well, it is not only Real Madrid, but almost every club in La Liga and EPL wouldn’t let go of a precious deal like signing Neymar. And since not every club can accept his price range, they are looking for players who resemble his skills. What can you tell about a player who is a hot discussion in almost every football boardroom? Therefore, no matter the price tag on him, Neymar is a dream transfer for Barcelona. Camp Nou will go at all lengths to see the player on their training grounds this summer. Hopefully, it will happen because they are just a step away!


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