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Young Ymer makes history

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Australian football is celebrating after recently witnessing a slice of history right in front of their eyes. This happened in a semi-final match in the Australia cup between Macarthur FC and Oakleigh Cannons. Oakleigh Cannons were 5-2 down in the 91st minute, which had already confirmed their exit from the cup with a few minutes to play. This is when Cannons’ head coach Chris Taylor replaced goalkeeper Lewis Italiano with 13-year-old Ymer Abili and history was written.

Abili was speechless and became the youngest player ever to make an appearance in the Australia Cup. He graced the pitch for the dying minutes of the game.


Who is Ymer Abili?

Ymer Abili, who turns 14 this January was buzzing, being in absolute dreamland. Before his substitution, the entire stadium stood together in appreciation to give the young lad confidence as he replaced 31-year-old starting goalkeeper, Lewis Italiano, who is more than double his age. The youngster couldn’t hold back his smile and was smiling almost every second in amazement at the roaring reception he received from the fans.

Abili has been at the club for a long time and plays in the U-14 team. The manager sought this as the right opportunity to hand the rookie goalkeeper his dream. He told him to start warming up in the 85th minute and explained to reporters after the match that the substitution was already planned if their team were on the way out of the Australia Cup.


Ymer Abili in dreamland playing against Dwight Yorke’s men

Abili came on and couldn’t hold his disbelieving smile to himself as he faced ex-Manchester United legend, Dwight Yorke’s side, Macarthur FC. The thing he should be the most proud of is that he stayed composed on the pitch and didn’t concede any more goals.

Macarthur beat the Cannons to reach the final of the Australia cup against Sydney United. Yorke has changed things around at the club since his very first game as manager in July and it was an impressive display from Yorke’s men, however, the young goalkeeper managed to take all the limelight and headlines.

Ymer Abili’s post-match reaction

Post match, Ymer Abili said, “I was buzzing, so happy. I was just excited to go on and make history, that’s it.” Even though there was a nerve-racking moment in the final seconds when Abili looked as if he would have to deal with a corner, but, he did just fine.

Abili’s mother reacted after the match, saying she was not composed at all watching her son play. She said, “I was a nervous wreck. I’ve been nervous all night. I’m so proud of Ymer, he trains really, really hard for the last couple of years.”

Irrespective of the loss, the Cannons were proud to be part of Australian football history. It was a historic moment and the youngster would cherish it forever.

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