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Coleen Rooney ‘Urges Husband Wayne To Ditch Close Friend And Ex-Team Mate Wes Brown’ To Save Marriage

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Everton star Wayne Rooney gets ultimatum from stunning wife Coleen to save his marriage and future.

The England’s record goal scorer was arrested on drink-drive charge.

On the night of arrest

He was stopped by officers in Altrincham Road, Wilmslow while he was driving a black VW Beetle car. The car belongs to 29-year-old Laura Simpson, who was also present in the passenger seat alongside Rooney.

Rooney was later released
Rooney appear to smile as he left court with a community sentence

The court was told that Rooney’s breath analyser reading was 104mg of alcohol per 100ml of breath. The legal limit is 35mg.

His pregnant wife Coleen Rooney and their three children were holidaying at the time in Majorca. Rooney’s wife flew back to Manchester in a private jet after hearing about her husband’s arrest.

Wayne Rooney arrives at court today as he faces drink-driving rap

It is being reported that, on the night of arrest he was with his ex-Manchester United team-mate Wes Brown.

Coleen was spotted without a ring

Rooney’s childhood sweetheart turned wife Coleen has urged him to stay away from gambling and his bestie Brown, if he wants to save their marriage.

Rooney with Wes Brown

He even lost £500,000 at a casino in May while gambling where Brown was also present.

Rooney and Wes Brown at Vegas

He has hired a bodyguard from Manchester United to ferry him around during his two-year driving ban.

Wayne Rooney’s bodyguard has been revealed as ex-Old Trafford worker Damian Hall, nicknamed ‘Big Ginge’
Rooney arrives at court with his bodyguard
Damian Hall will drive Wayne Rooney to and from Everton training ground Finch Farm

Both Rooney and his wife Coleen trusts Mr Hall and so they have appointed him to make sure that the former England skipper arrives safely and on time.

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