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Diego Simeone was a star in Italy during his playing days and it seems like El Cholo’s son himself, Giovanni Simeone too has finally hit his prime this season and is making big ripples in his loan season at Verona in Serie A.


The player is currently the second-highest goal scorer in the league and he has made headlines especially after his brace against Juventus earlier this week. Juventus who were already struggling with their form met with the fury of Simeone as the player scored 2 goals against the Italian giants which has put them 8th in the league with the seasons well underway. Here’s everything you need to know about Giovanni Simeone and why he is the next big thing in Italy.


Just like his father, Giovanni Simeone started his footballing career in Argentina when he joined River PLate’s youth system in 2008. Diegio Simeone was appointed as the head coach of River Plate’s senior team which is why Giovanni spent the better part of his early footballing career in Argentina.


After climbing through the ranks of River Plate and making it into the senior team, Giovanni got his break into European football when Genoa signed him in 2016. He then earned a move to Fiorentina but despite a wonderful first season, the wunderkind couldn’t be consistent with his performances and failed to become a first team regular in his second campaign at the historic club.


Giovanni was sent to Cagliari on loan with a compulsion to buy and since then things started going downhill for El Cholo’s son. In the 2020/21 season, the striker managed to muster only 6 goals throughout the season which is why he has been loaned to Verona for this season but the tables have completely turned for Giovanni this time around.


It seems like Giovanni Simeone has found his long lost form from Fiorentina back in the new campaign after an impressive start to the season that is about to boost his profile sky high. The player has scored 8 goals so far making him the second-highest goal scorer in Serie A so far and is just 1 goal behind Lazio’s Immobile that too after having only 6 starting lineup appearances. On top of that he has also provided 2 assists and has turned himself into Verona’s star man to watch out for.


In their last matchday, Giovanni scored 2 goals in 4 minutes in the first 45 ending the game as a contest then and there against a star-studded team like Juventus. On top of that Giovanni had a similar scoring streak against Lazio where he doubled up his tally and scored 4 goals all by himself beating the favourites 4-1 by full-time. Giovanni isn’t just a good player, but he has proved himself against formidable opponents which has made him a star among Verona supporters.


Giovanni Simeone never switches off throughout the game which makes him a great asset to his side. Giovanni has inherited his father’s work ethic and determination since the player actively gets into good positions and looks for spaces to dart through exploiting the opponent’s defence. He is a solid all-round striker and he even contributes in the link-up play and on average creates 0.95 goal scoring chances for his side per 90. He also has an exceptional aerial ability and has won 2.53 heading duels per game this season. He has scored many goals with his head throughout his career which gives his teammates an extra way of helping him score.


Although what makes him special is his defensive contributions up from since he has one of the best pressing stats in the league. He makes 1.18 successful and 1.16 blocks per 90 which ruins the momentum of the opponent’s team high up the pitch and he also wins the ball for his side and explodes into a quick counter.


There are going to be many offers from major clubs for Giovanni Simeone’s services after this season and Cagliari are surely looking into cashing in on the Argentine. Atletico Madrid has considered buying the player in the past once to reunite him with his father and they might go for him again next summer since Antoine Griezmann would return to Barcelona.

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