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Hazard Has Become One Of The LEADERS For Chelsea And Unfazed By Comparisons To Messi & Ronaldo

Belgian superstar is ready to step up the gas and lead ’s new generation forward.

And Saturday’s FA Cup final clash against at Wembley is a golden opportunity for him to win the double with Chelsea – after a disastrous campaign under Mourinho last season.

John Terry is expected to feature in his last Chelsea game on Saturday and with his departure in the summer – the last symbol of the original Blues team that revolutionised English football with the cash rich Russian owner Roman Abramovich, will now just remain a glorious memory in the minds of the fanss

And Hazard said: “The last ten years in Chelsea, it was great.”

“They won a lot of trophies, now it’s like a new generation. is finished, Didier Drogba is finished, Ashley Cole, John Terry now. So it’s a new generation.”

“We have a couple of leaders — I try to be one on the pitch.”

“All of the players, they are ready, they are 100 per cent. We will see.”

Hazard has higher ambitions and does not just want to be a leader at Chelsea, instead he dreams to be mentioned in the same frame as the legends like and . But the Belgian accentuated that he has not reached their level yet.

He said: “They are leaders. They are people that want to be better every day. That’s why they are at the top for the last ten years.”

“We all need to prove ourselves every day but I don’t think too much about that. I just concentrate on myself, on football, on the pitch, on the training ground. Then I will see. I try to be the best I can.”

“This is football and sometimes you are at the top and sometimes not. People are always talking, I don’t care about that. I try to be the best I can.”

“In the world I’m not alone, they have some good, good players.”

“I don’t know if I am top five, top 10, top 20. It’s not my target. I just want to enjoy my football.”

Conte is now looking forward to build a dynasty at Chelsea and Hazard is confident that the Italian would guide them to become one of the most dominant forces in world football.

Hazard said: “We have this new manager, we have a couple of young players so everything is ready to build something.”

“I signed for Chelsea and in my head it was to win titles. I have already won two Premier League, one League Cup, one .”

“It’s not bad! But it can be better! The FA Cup and Champions League, why not?”

“We had a good season already and we can take one more trophy.”

“We are working hard this week to be ready for Saturday. The last 10 years in Chelsea it was great. They won a lot of trophies, now it’s like a new generation.”

“Frank Lampard is finished, Didier Drogba is finished, Ashley Cole, John Terry now.”

“So it’s a new generation and we want to prove that the club is one of the best in the world.”

“So we have to be ready for that. Now I play my fifth year at Chelsea, you know we have some guys who have a lot of experience, so we are ready for that.”

“We have a couple of leaders. I try to be one on the pitch. We have a lot of guys who can do that.

“All of the players, they are ready, they are 100 per cent. We will see.”

“Even for the next season, Saturday is a good opportunity to put pressure on the players and on all the opponents also.

“If we win Saturday, it’s a good way to prepare for the next season.”

“You know it’s always important against Arsenal, for the fans, for us. We have to beat them.”

“So Saturday is another opportunity to win.”

“We just want to win games, we know that every year they have some injuries in Arsenal. We are lucky this season, we have nothing.”

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