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Hollywood Superstar Julia Roberts Shares Fan Moment With Cristiano Ronaldo And Leo Messi After Epic El Clasico Night

and are two of the biggest names in the football world in the present scenario.

Even an A-List Hollywood star like Julia Roberts could not hide away her nervous giggle when she met the two star footballers after the epic night.

julia roberts el clasico

It was only Messi from the host team who could get a picture with the Pretty Woman star but she was introduced to the team.

julia roberts with messi el clasico

Ronaldo also shared his picture with Academy award winning actress with a caption, “It’s always a pleasure to meet nice people! God bless you and your family.”

Julia Roberts also managed to pose with Real Madrid’s defender who she accidentally trolled following disappointing Clasico performance by saying,”You played amazing, as usual.”

Roberts also posed with the Real Madrid Boss  and striker Alvaro Morata.

The actress’s three children also received three signed match balls.

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Roberts who was accompanied by her husband told the Real Madrid page: “I’m so excited, my whole family is here and we are just thrilled to be here.”

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