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Jose Mourinho Backs Injured Superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Claims He Will Fight To Save His Career

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Jose Mourinho has revealed that star striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic will do all it takes to save his career after suffering a serious injury.

The Manchester United talisman suffered an injury when he ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament during a Europa League clash against Anderlecht.

The Swedish superstar is set to stay out of action for the rest of the season and possibly more – with his contract at Old Trafford set to expire at the end of this season.

Ibrahimovic has already made it clear that he will not retire despite his age and the seriousness of the injury.

Now his boss Mourinho has come out in support of the 35-year-old superstar.

“The future is a big surgery and a long period of recovering. But the future is also in the hands of a very strong guy, mentally very strong, who wrote immediately on social media that he will stop [playing] when he wants, not when people think,” Mourinho said at a news conference Wednesday.”

“It looks for me that he is not going to give up and he is going to fight. I am really pleased with that because this is the Zlatan I know. He fought all his life and that is what I told him — ‘you have fought all your life since you were born.’ I do not see a reason not to fight.”

“We think he is in fabulous hands and [he needs to] recover from the injury and prepare himself mentally for the next step. I think the next step will always be something that he really wants, which is something I was saying before the injury in the period of doubt about his future; I have always said that.”

“He is much more important than myself and what I want — it is what he wants. I always want the players to be happy and to choose their future, and this is what I think is going to happen.”

“Now, before such an important surgery, I think it is a waste of time to speak about what is next.”

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