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Manchester United Legend Eric Cantona Claims Leicester City Traitors Treated Claudio Ranieri Like A ‘Flee Infested Dog’

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Manchester United legend Eric Cantona has blasted Leicester City stars for getting Claudio Ranieri sacked.

The Italian was sacked last month after he guided the Foxes to a maiden Premier League title.

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Leicester had a great fall this season as they battled relegation before the Italian got the axe.

The former France international went on a rant in defence of Ranieri.

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Cantona said that Leicester City treated the former Chelsea boss like a ‘flea-infested dog’.

He even went further and called players like Jamie Vardy, Riyad Mahrez and other ‘traitors’ for how they treated the ousted boss.

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The controversial but iconic retired footballer said: “The magician came into a town and transformed a bunch of half-talented football players into glorious champions but when the first clouds appeared the ungrateful brats conspired to get the magician sent away – traitors.”

“Leicester have actually fired the only coach that made them win anything significant in their unremarkable history.”

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“When they are back at the end of the food chain they get rid of poor Claudio as if he was a flea-infested dog.”

He then went on to say that Leicester are where they deserve to be, languishing at the bottom of the table.

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He added: “Foxes. Seventeenth place of the Football League championship – it’s what you are. It’s your DNA.”

“You aspire to greatness but you wouldn’t know greatness if it bit you in the a**.”

“Hey, you kicked greatness out of the door and all you are left with is a coach named Shakespeare.”

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The King Power Stadium outfit have seen a remarkable turn around in form after Ranieri’s sacking as they have won both their games in a dominant fashion ever-since.

Leicester are currently 15th in the Premier League and are moving up the ladder to survive the horrendous season.

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