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Neymar Hires UFC Fighter Nordine Taleb As Bodyguard After £198M PSG Move

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PSG star Neymar Jr has hired a UFC fighter as his personal bodyguard after his world record move to PSG from Barcelona.

Neymar hired his new bodyguard

The welterweight brawler Nordine Taleb has been appointed as a human shield to the world’s most expensive player to keep him out of danger.

The French fighter has now got a huge job to keep Neymar safe in Paris because of the world record deal.

Neymar hired UFC fighter

In 2017, Taleb had two fights which include one defeat in February and a win last time out in May over last-minute stand–in Oliver Enkamp.

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Neymar already has a big list of Hollywood friends and the list now has a new entry with Taleb, who might be there for Neymar’s match cheering from the stands.

After losing to his original opponent Evil Weber Meek, Taleb said: “I did this fight to save the night in Stockholm, to give a good show for the fans.

“Because I was going nowhere fighting Enkamp. Nothing against the guy.

“He’s a brave little kid, but I was going nowhere fighting this guy.

Nordine Taleb is a fighter in UCF

“But at this point of the training camp, I invested in myself. I moved to Thailand. I had a lot of spendings.

“I moved down my coaches and stuff. I had to fight and have the paycheque to – I’m moving on.

“I know I didn’t move on the rankings, but I want to move up.”

“Opponents make the fight. So I didn’t have what I really needed to show against Enkamp.
“He’s not the guy who’s going to make me look bright, look the best.

“Win or lose, I don’t care, but makes the best out of me coming that night at the fight.”

Recently the former Barcelona ace became a goodwill ambassador for Handicap International on Monday, pledging to work for millions who are less visible but deserve equality.

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