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Pochettino: No Issue With Conte Ahead Of London Derby

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Chelsea boss Antonio Conte had taken dig at Tottenham’s ambition but Spurs boss Pochettino accentuated that there is no problem.

Mauricio Pochettino has finally managed to capture the defender from the Dutch club after chasing him all summer

Spurs manager Mauricio Pochettino played down Antonio Conte’s comments after meeting the Chelsea boss, who had questioned his London rival’s ambition.

Conte had questioned Tottenham’s ambition ahead of the start of the new season as Spurs were yet to spend money this summer transfer window following their second place finish behind Premier League champions Chelsea last term.

Cont had taken a dig at Spurs and Pochettino

The former Juventus boss had also taken a dig at Pochettino and Spurs insisting that it won’t be a “tragedy” if they do not win the Premier League or the Champions League title as their ambition and expectations are not as high as at Chelsea.

The 21-year-old Colombian international has agreed a long-tern contract with Spurs until 2023

But going into Sunday’s London derby, Pochettino, who landed his first signing this summer following the arrival of Davinson Sanchez on a club-record fee – said Conte explained his comments.

“Last week, we had an opportunity to talk a little bit and he was very clear with me,” Pochettino said.

“He tried to explain what he wanted to say and sometimes the headlines are not the same as what he wanted to say. He explained to me and it’s not a big issue.”

Mauricio Pochettino

“I respect him and Chelsea and it’s time to play and show we are better. It’s always a challenge to play the champions.”

Pochettino added: “He did not apologise, he just tried to explain things to me. It is one thing how he relates things to you, it is another how you perceive the message and translate it to the fans.”


“Sometimes the difference is important, and he wanted to try to explain what it was that he had wanted to say. It was different to how you had explained it to the fans, and I got his message direct.”

“I understood it when he explained to me. What he said did not upset me, it is only that he wanted to be sure that I had got the right message, not the wrong message. For me it is not a big issue.”

Conte feels Chelsea will need four more years to be back in business

“Every manager has a right to say in the media what they want. For me, it is not my job to judge what they want to say or how they give their opinion. I don’t believe he wanted to be disrespectful to Spurs or myself.”

“Conversation is good. We are colleagues and I think showing respect is important. In the Premier League we talk about fair play and everything, so it is important to show as the manager, we are being responsible every week in front of the media.”

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