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Pogba Fee Would Look Cheap In A Couple Of Years – Mourinho

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Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has claimed that world-record signing Paul Pogba will prove his worth in the coming years.

Mourinho blasted critics of the Frenchman and said that Pogba would look like a bargain signing in the next few years.

The Portuguese tactician also added that future transfers will make Pogba’s fee as cheap.

The Red Devils had to part ways with a whopping £89 million to bring Paul back to the Old Trafford.

Pogba left Manchester United in 2012 for Juventus and had an incredible rise in the Serie A.

The 23-year-old had struggled at the start of his return to the Premier League but is slowly picking up.

Jose has often spoken highly about the France international and has called him one of the best players in the world.

“I think he has phenomenal conditions but I think the scrutiny on him is hard, is difficult,” said the Portuguese coach. “But that’s the price of being who he is and is also the price of his price.”

“I am pretty sure that next summer some players with only half his quality probably will cost the same money or more so I am waiting for that moment to release him from the scrutiny.”

“I think in a couple of years you will realise he was cheap but I have to admit that not many clubs have this vision of anticipation of what can happen in the near future.”

“A few years ago £25 million was a phenomenal player. Today, £25m is not even a player, it is a prospect of a player. Now, if you want to buy a good prospect, a good 20-year-old player who can be fantastic, you are paying as if the player is already a big player.”

“I think next summer can bring a few surprises at this level and probably Paul will lose this status as the world’s most expensive player, which will probably be a good thing.”

Pogba has slowly regained form and his boss backed him up by saying that his stats would have been much better had he not been denied by the woodwork on numerous occassions.

He added: “He gave us an incredible balance, recovering the ball, starting the building up from the back was really impressive and at the top of the pitch he is a guy that can score goals.”

“Imagine the eight posts and it would be an amazing record. So, you know, step by step – still very, very young, he can be fantastic.”

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