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REVEALED: Here’s What Antonio Conte Said When Diego Costa Aimed Fire Extinguisher At Journalist

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Diego Costa and David Luis hijacked Antonio Conte’s Premier League winning press conference with their hilarious antics.

The Italian was in the middle of a press conference when Costa and Luiz came with captain John Terry to take him away.

Conte also shed light on his future plans as he said he wants to keep the winning team together – as he spoke for an hour and a half in the media briefing.

Here is the full transcript of the media briefing:

Question: How do you improve on this season?

Conte: “Now it’s important to celebrate, to enjoy this moment.” Luiz: “10 seconds.” Conte: “This season was very difficult for us. It’s great to reach this target and also to enjoy it with my players.” Costa: “Thank you.”

Luiz: “20 seconds.” Conte: “I have to say thanks to my players for their commitment, for their work rate.” Costa: “Diego is number one,” Conte: “For their attitude they showed me. Costa talks over Conte: “I love you.” Luiz: “last one, let’s go.”

Question: The double? Two weeks rest before FA Cup final?

Luiz: “Rest? Rest for you. We train every day.”

Conte: “Yes, rest for you. They know we have to work during the training session to prepare in the right way these two games against Watford and then Sunderland. To enjoy and to celebrate because it’s very important.

“When you work hard it’s important to celebrate and then to prepare in the right way the final of the FA Cup, because we have the opportunity to fight to win the double and we must be ready to do this.”

Question: What would double mean in your first season, like Ancelotti did?

Conte: “It’s great for me. Now it’s important to celebrate this win with my players.” Costa: “Finish, man!” Conte: “We have the possibility to fight for the double. We must do this. And we must be ready to fight.” Luiz: “Last one, eh!” Costa: “Please finish now.”

Question: Can you say, 100 per cent, say you’ll be here next season?

Conte: “I think we started to do our work. We have to improve in the next season, to find the right solution to improve.”

(When Costa picked up a fire extinguisher)

Journalist: “No, no, no!”

Question: Difficult moments with Costa, was it a difficult man management job?

Conte: “I think in every season there are moments you have to find always the right solution. For this reason I have to say thanks to my players. They showed me in every moment great attitude, great work rate and to trust in my work. It’s right now to celebrate.”

*Luiz makes an alarm now and shouts “let’s go please, come on my friend.”

Question: Can players get better?

Conte: “We are working only nine months together. I think if you can continue with these players you can improve a lot. Now they know my idea, I know them, the characteristics of my players. And we can improve.”

Costa: “Oh my God, man.”

Question: Confident you can keep players?

Conte: “I think the club want to fight to win every competition. We have the same ambition. For this reason we try to keep the best players. Thanks guys.”

The Blues will now focus on the FA Cup final clash at Wembley against heated rivals from North London, Arsenal.

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