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Brazilian Side Vasco Da Gama’s Under 17’s Team Bus Crashes Leaving Five People Injured

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At least five members of Vasco da Gama’s under-17 squad were injured when their team bus crashed on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro on Saturday.

The Brazilian Serie A club said the accident occurred as the team returned to Rio after defeating Friburguense 2-1 in the Guanabara Youth Cup.

Unconfirmed media reports said the bus slammed into the back of a truck following a brake failure, causing it to overturn.

Players Bruno Clevelario, Bruno Chiaromonte, Vinicius Paiva, Douglas Carvalho and Caio Lopes were among the injured, as was performance analyst Filipe Nunes, Vasco said in a statement.

The victims were taken to the Cachoeiras de Macacu municipal hospital with non life-threatening injuries, according to the club.

“[They] are conscious and ok, and are being watched by our own medical staff,” Vasco said.

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