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Gerrard Is Coming Back To Liverpool, Klopp Hints At Legends Homecoming

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said on Thursday that Anfield’s door will always be open to former star player Steven Gerrard.

steven-gerrard-with-kloppThe former Liverpool and England captain announced his retirement earlier as a player.

Klopp said in one interview: “It is clear that one day in the future there will be something to announce, that is pretty sure too, but until then there is nothing to say.”

klopp-at-anfield-with-dortmundIn Gerrard’s home city, the Liverpool Echo newspaper said Thursday night that Klopp had dropped a huge hint that Gerrard will return to Anfield as part of his future career.

Steven GerrardSports journalists were eager to fire questions at Klopp at a scheduled pre-match media session, but the Echo said Klopp was reticent to talk too much about Gerrard, “but he suggested a return was likely in the future,” the newspaper reported.

steven-gerrard-with-jurgen-kloppKlopp added: “What I said, and it’s a law, that the door is always open for him. From our side if he wants it’s an open door and I’m sure he will want. And if he wants to make a different career from his former career we want to help him, that’s how it is. Nothing else to say and maybe that was already too much.”

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