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Lallana And Henderson Partied At A Strip Club Just 48 Hours Before Spain Clash

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England’s Liverpool midfield duo Adam Lallana and Jprdon Henderson were spotted at a strip club just 48 hours before the all important Spain clash according to latest rumours.

It is being reported that the duo went over a 100 miles from the team hotel in Hertfordshire to party with strippers in Bournemouth.lallana-henderson

Exotic dancers from the Strip Club For Your Eyes Only club said that Lallana and Henderson reached the club at around 11PM and stayed there for over 2 hours, before leaving at 1AM at night.

These allegations bring further embarrassment to the FA, who were already facing heat after England skipper Wayne Rooney’s drunk night-out during the international break.Strip Club

However, Adam Lallana and Jordon Henderson were more controlling of liquor as Lallana was sipping a beer while his team-mate stuck to water.

The strip club For Your Eyes Only has over 7 branches in the UK and considers itself ‘one of the UK’s leading Gentlemen’s Club brands’.lallana-henderson-2

The clubs website reads, “We have multiple VIP booths for your comfort and enjoyment that can be pre-booked in advance, along with continuous stage shows all evening performed by our beautiful dancers.”

One dancer from the club said that Lallana was a regular customer of the club.

Another dancer said, “Some of the girls were invited up to drink with the group and a couple of the footballers’ friends had private dancers.”Strip Club

“I’m not sure their wives or partners would be too happy with them coming here.”

The English FA has issued a statement that they will investigate the matter alongside Rooney’s case.

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