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Zlatan Turns Down £13M Offer By Man Utd To Pay Him While He Is Injured

Red Devils superstar has refused to accept a £13million offer by to pay him while he is out of action due to injury.

And Man Utd boss Mourinho has now accentuated that he wants to tie down Zlatan for one more year despite his season-ending knee injury.

Zlatan – a man with a golden heart, believes that it would not be right to accept the payment while he is not playing for the team.

This also hints towards a possible Man Utd exit for the former man, who might have decided to test new waters in the next season.

The towering Swede suffered an anterior cruciate knee injury after landing awkwardly on his knee during the final minutes of Man Utd’s win over Anderlecht.

Zlatan can only return after nine months which means that he will not be available until the next year.

He could have accepted the payment while nursing his injury but the Swedish legend wants to start earning only when he starts playing again.

Zlatan joined Man Utd last summer on a free transfer and takes home a wage packet of £250,000 a week, with an option of extending the contract by one more year.

He has proved his class again at Man Utd and has 28 goals to his name this season. The Man Utd hierarchy were keen on tying him down for one more year – but then came the injury.

Leaving aside the serious injury, the Man Utd borad wanted to trigger a contract extension for Zlatan, who has played a pivotal role under Mourinho this season. They wanted to pay him while he is out of action but the Swedish legend has turned down the offer.

Mourinho is confident that Zlatan has a lot more left in him and has backed him to show the same determination that has been evident all through his career in making a comeback.

Mourinho said: “The future is a big surgery, a long period of recovery. But the future is also about a very strong guy, mentally very, very strong, who wrote immediately on his social media he will stop when he wants, not when people think.

“It looks to me that he is not going to give up, he is going to fight and I’m pleased. He has fought all his life — since he was born. I don’t see a reason for him not to fight now.”

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