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While people still imagine the classic loud and colourful interior when thinking of a casino, times are beginning to change. More and more people across the world are now migrating to the digital world when it comes to their favourite games. In order to appreciate just how far online gaming and gambling have gone, you need to understand the full picture of its history and evolution.

The Origin Story of the Live Casino

While it seems recent, online live casinos have actually been around for about 25 years. The first digital live casino launched in the late 1990s, though it wasn’t until the 2000s that things really started to gain momentum with the kind of online casino that people think of nowadays.

Online casinos gradually started introducing more interactive elements to their games, including actual dealers. This was a huge development as it helped the potential of online casinos be realized, particularly the element of social interaction.

Now, people love playing games through an online live casino to get both a digital and live experience. When people want to gamble and enjoy the excitement of their favourite games, they don’t have to actually go to a physical casino for live games. 

Playing live games online is just as exciting as playing in person, yet much more convenient. You can take your games on the go and play from your smartphone on the fly. 

The Switch from Land-based to Computer-based

People didn’t stop going to physical casino locations overnight. They are still popular and many people still attend them, but there’s no denying that the battle between physical and live online games is long-lasting and not simplistic. 

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lockdowns had a huge impact on people’s increased usage of digital resources, including online casinos. While they were already growing before 2019 and 2020, the explosion in popularity because of the lockdowns was astronomical. 

There are many benefits to running a digital casino from a business standpoint, too. Because they require fewer employees, the expenses are usually much less than owning and running a physical casino. This makes them an enticing prospect for businessmen who are interested in the gambling industry without the hassle of property taxes and the like.

Online gambling is also more likely to be involved in cutting-edge technology, which makes it exciting for both owners and users. Additionally, sports betting is one of the most popular formats of online betting, and its popularity is growing fast. The ease of access has garnered more interest among sports fans worldwide. 

The Benefits of Online Live Casinos

Back when online casinos were just starting out, they had a limited selection of games. Poker was often the only thing that many sites and platforms offered. Because of this, many people still chose to visit land-based casinos for their preferred selection.

But times have changed. Many online casinos now offer a robust and diverse selection of games that goes beyond poker or sports betting. Blackjack, baccarat, roulette games, and slot games are now common options to find in any online casino. This makes them great alternatives to land-based casinos, offering the same selection of games to play.

Another great development involved with the rise of online live casinos is that they accept multiple payment options. Many casinos accept standard payment options, like debit or credit cards, as well as popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. This helps make things both convenient and secure for players.

The live aspect of live casinos has helped to drive the popularity of online casinos in general over the past decade. Though virtual casinos are also quite popular, the rise of online live casinos has certainly been even bigger.

Thanks to the live aspects, players can interact with real dealers over the web. This is not only better for people who are used to using their devices for just about everything, but it also provides a level of realism that other online casinos lack. The presence of a live dealer helps to mimic the atmosphere and experience of a real in-person casino.

Many users also report that live casinos feel more transparent and trustworthy thanks to the presence of a real human dealer. This adds a sense of realism and can make the players feel more like they’re actually playing the games but through their computers. 


Though their beginnings were quite humble, online live casinos have made some incredible advancements over the years, both practical and technological. The combination of cutting-edge tech, convenience, interaction, and transparency has given other casino options a run for their money. Anyone who wants to get the best online casino experience should seriously consider opting for a live casino for unparalleled realism.

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