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No one can deny the fact that football’s popularity grows with every passing day. The possibility to follow and bet on the sport online has contributed to the sport’s popularity even more. 

As there is no exact science to betting, you’ll find countless betting guides, strategies, and trends to follow.

Some may think that trends are unimportant and can’t help you during the decision-making process. But first, you should understand what a trend is.

If you look through the dictionary, there will be different explanations, but none of them will be appropriate for sports betting trends. To cut it short, trends are directions of sports betting in which something develops and changes. So many people follow this general course due to its popularity. 

Now, we have a general idea of what a trend is, but what does it need to become a trend? There are several qualifications a trend must meet. 

  1. First, it must be around for a long time; to say, it must pass the test of time. The longer it is effective, the more validity it has. 
  2. The group of people that use the trend. It should be prominent and influential. This is logical, as you can’t consider it a trend if only 100 people follow it. There must be a good sample size of data to support it.

Trends can change, and new trends can immerse throughout time. So finding trends is all about research. 

Speaking of specifically football trends, we have taken out the two most prominent types: situational and betting trends. So let’s get more details on each one. 

Betting Trends

These trend types are based on the money the fans wager with different sportsbooks. Even if these trends don’t give us direct info about the result of the game, they can still be a good source of information. Betting trends help us to find answers to two questions: what are the significant majority betting on? And where is the smart money coming from?

These two questions are interconnected. If you know what the majority of fans are betting on, then you can follow the opposite betting trend. There is a logic in this trend. Going against the public is a good strategy for betting; everyone follows a mainstream; if you back the opposite and win, the result can be really rewarding. Also, as a bettor, understand where the smart money is going. This is when the smart/professional bettors change trends and patterns. Pay close attention; sometimes, it’s hard to spot, but if you see odds changing from +6.5 to 6, then be sure the pro bettors are changing the lines. It’s a good idea to follow them. 

You can check the pre-match betting section on VBET UK for more insights into the odds selection. 

Situational Trends

As the name implies, situation trends are about conditions. Therefore, you need to do in-depth research, find out the previous results, and connect them to certain situations, thus creating patterns that later turn into trends. This information will help you to predict how the teams will perform in certain conditions. 

To give you an idea, you may want to look at information like home records against stronger/weaker teams, record following loss/win, etc. 

Example of Simple Trends to Check Out in 2023

We looked at what trends are, how to understand trends, and what to look for. Now let’s look at some examples of simple trends to give you a better idea. 

Coaching Trends

Many fans care only about the team and players in general, forgetting about other important people like coaches who directly influence the team’s performance. 

Knowing the coach’s attitude is essential and can change the game. Research how the coach behaves in specific scenarios, such as games against strong teams, during high-profile games, and during pre-season. That may seem trivial, but it can be crucial for the players. 

First Half Scoring Trends

Football is a dynamic sport, and teams try to show dominance from the very beginning. That’s where this trend came from. This trend is based on how the team plays in the first part of the game. If they score more goals in the first half, the chance of winning is higher. And this makes sense because if the team couldn’t settle their position from the beginning, later on, it’ll be harder to get back.

Home Underdog Trends

If the team at home is considered an underdog, the crowd will blindly back the popular team. But do your homework, and if the team has a record of winning at home, then this trend can be profitable. 

Line Changes

This is closely connected to where the smart money is coming from. If the odds are changing drastically, the smart money is coming from a respected source, and you should consider the prof bettors’ opinion. 

Bye Week Trends

Bye week is the period in the middle of the season when the team is not playing. This trend deals with how the players perform after the bye week season. After a week of rest, they are back with full power, and if the statistics show that the teams usually perform well after the bye week season, then follow this trend. 

With all the info at hand, rest assured that you are ready to get into football trends and get the most out of it. 

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