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Summer Transfer Window 2020

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The transfer window had to be adjusted for the summer of 2020 as a result of the novel coronavirus. The summer transfer window for 2020 officially opened in July. We saw a number of big-money signings being concluded while the major leagues across Europe were running the “post-lockdown” show.

One particular example was Timo Werner who did not take part in RB Leipzig’s Champions League campaign post the restart as he moved to London to start a new life with Chelsea Football Club.

What is the shut-down time for Summer Transfer Window 2020?
Timo Werner was an early summer transfer coup by Chelsea FC (Image courtesy: Twitter/@WorldWideChels)

The ripple effect of the pandemic is not limited to the clubs’ income streams and budget. Consequently, the 2020 summer transfer window will remain open later than usual.

When is the deadline day?

It is Monday, October 5 when the summer transfer window for 2020 culminates.

Here are the timings for the major leagues across Europe (in BST) –

Bundesliga – 5 pm

Peter Frymuth, DFB Vice President for Match Operations and Football Development gave a brief explanation when speaking with Bundesliga.com

Because of the coronavirus crisis and the resulting shifts in seasons, national and international adjustments to the transfer windows are necessary, so that the previous period [1 July to 31 August 2020] had to be updated. We have now made this adjustment together with the DFL and in coordination with FIFA

La Liga – 11 pm


Serie A – 7 pm


Premier League – 11 pm (However, there is a catch!)


Fergie-time for Premier League and EFL

There is an additional transfer window for domestic-only deals for the Premier League and EFL clubs. During this period, Premier League clubs will only be allowed to trade with EFL clubs. No transfer can take place between Premier League clubs. This buffer window will run until 5 pm on October 16, 2020.

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