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Neymar to United

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Manchester United have had an amazing first season under Dutch manager Erik Ten Hag. Despite not winning any major trophies, the Red Devils look set for a top-four finish and are also in the final of the FA Cup. So there is a lot of optimism, but one area where the team has massively struggled and could pull the team back down is their attack. And now several news reports are linking the club with Brazilian superstar Neymar’s transfer that will change the face of their frontline.

The signing of Neymar or someone of his calibre is massively needed at the club. In the current season, Manchester United have scored 52 goals this season, the ninth-est in the league. In fact, they have only scored three more than Leicester City, who are currently in 18th, which shows how poor they have been. However, their incredible defence, combined with the impressive displays by goalkeeper David De Gea who has 17 clean sheets, the most in the league, has helped the team massively.

So, will Neymar join Manchester United?

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Is Neymar going to join Manchester United?

One of the significant reasons Paris Saint Germain wants to sell the Brazilian superstar is because the experiment of playing him, Kylain Mbappe and Lionel Messi as a trio has not got them the elusive Champions League trophy. Since 2012-13 they have only reached one final and one semi-final. Meanwhile, they have been eliminated in the round of 16 five times.

The issue of the attacking trio not tacking back to help the team in defence has been a significant conversation point.

In addition, Mbappe, who is now with the future of the club, has made it clear openly that he wants to play on the left wing, a position currently acquired by Nyemar. And if he were to leave the club, there would be plenty of suitors.

However, is he going to join Manchester United? The first question when regarding a Neymar transfer move will be the fee. According to sources, PSG will listen to an offer of €70 million or above. Despite being 31 years, this is good money for a pl;ayer who could play at the top level for at least three years.

The other issue regarding the transfer is whether Neymar believes in the Manchester United project. Ever since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson, the club have fallen off the perch. In the ten years, the Premier League has also seen massive changes as the top four have gone, and almost seven clubs are always looking to finish in the top four race. And they could face stiff challenges from the likes of Newcastle United if these clubs try to sign the Brazilian.

Moreover, the club has already spent a massive amount of money upgrading their frontline with little success. However, even if these things sign, the final decision will be for Neymar to make and with United still a work in progress, the forward would want to move to greener pastures where he could be more assured of winning silverware given he is entering the twilight of his career.

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Where else could the Neymar transfer saga end?

Only a few clubs in the world have the financial capabilities to buy Neymar. Bayern Munich are one, for instance, but going to Germany will require him to play the number nine position. Moreover, the Bavarian club will be in the market for a world-class striker to be Robert Lewandowski’s successor. And it will be hard for him to accept a change in position, a situation he is already facing at his current club.

Newcastle United could be another destination, given their impressive rise within one year of their takeover. The club is already in the Champions League and will be looking to bolster their squad for the next season, where they will be fighting for trophies across multiple tournaments.

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