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The European Championship has been a roller coaster ride worth every second. As always, the drama and excitement were overwhelming and football fans from around the world suffered and enjoyed the beauty of the game. Many that were expected to make an impact in the tournament did not do so while some others defied expectations. One department where this Euro did not lack was goals. The list of the best goals from Euro 2020 is a sumptuous one.

There were plenty of goals and some were beyond words. The quality of football on the show spoke volumes of the individual talent on display. Italy’s momentous rise to lift the trophy and England’s disappointing end to a fruitful campaign brought an end to the glorious month of football. FootTheBall has dived into relish the epic moments that defined this year’s edition. Let’s take a look at the top goals of the tournament.


The absence of Lewandowski’s name from any topic involving goals would be a surprise, to say the least. The goal machine has been on a run of his own for Bayern Munich, breaking records throughout the campaign. He shouldered the responsibility of carrying Poland in this campaign and although he failed it wasn’t due to a lack of trying.



His massive goal against Sweden defines the sheer finishing quality the Bundesliga striker possesses. If there was anyone in a Polish jersey who you would give the ball inside the box, it would be Lewandowski. The Swedish defenders were at no fault when they kept their distance inside the box in an attempt to keep the No.9 from creating a chance. Little did they know that he would belt in a curler, a shot of quality past the keeper into the far right of the net.


Well, many would argue that it was simply a tap in and it surely was. But it was a tap in that had years of world-class excellency drilled into it. It was merely fifteen seconds before the goal that Ronaldo was in his defensive box, clearing a ball in from a German corner.



The Portugal captain went full steam as he cleared the ball with his head to the opposite goalmouth. An impossible sprint from a 36-year-old man to receive the ball from Diogo Jota to tap in one of the easiest goals in his career. There’s a reason that he remains the best player in the world and his involvement at both ends of the counterattack is a testament to his winning attitude.


Turkey crashed out of the tournament in a disappointing fashion. They were poor in almost all departments and scored just a single goal in a 3-1 defeat to Switzerland. But what a goal it was! Although just a consolation goal, it was magnificent in every way possible and deserved praise for its technique and execution.



From well outside the box, Kahveci struck the ball with pinpoint precision. The ball dipped and curled as it went past an outstretched keeper. There was nothing any keeper could have done and it is one of the best Turkish goals in history.


Seferovic started the scoring with a low drive from 25 yards out. It was a thumping effort and is worth revisiting. But Xherdan Shaqiri’s goal was even more mouth-watering. A trademark effort from the second fiddle Liverpool player.



Shaqiri received the ball outside the penalty box in front of the goal and took just one touch before striking with his weaker right. A beamer that curled in past the Turkish goalkeeper who stood no chance of finger tipping it away. It was a match filled with wonderful goals and this topped them all.


In a desperate attempt to win the group match against Denmark, Roberto Martinez brought on a less than 100 percent Kevin de Bruyne. Well, maybe he was less than 100 percent but it surely did not look like the case. Denmark’s lead was soon thwarted as De Bruyne set up a beautiful ball for Thorgan Hazard to finish.



Eden Hazard then teed up De Bruyne who produced a sublime finish to win the match for Belgium. A left-footed low drive from outside the box to the narrowest of margins inside the near post. We have no idea what kind of eyes the Manchester City midfielder possesses but it is definitely worth examining. His vision is simply inhumane.


Mikkel Damsgaard scored an absolute screamer of a goal to become the first player born on this side of the century to score a goal in the European Championship. Talk about announcing your presence, there was probably nothing better the youngster could have done.



The Danish attacker set himself up with a couple of touches to release a venomous strike that dipped in the top corner of the net. There was little the Russian defence could have done and even less for their keeper.


Some strikes deserve praise. Sometimes the touch to set up the strike takes the credit. Sometimes it is the ball into set-up the goal that deserves the applause. And sometimes it might the pure vision to find a teammate that is commendable. But very rarely does all this stick into the same frame.



Aaron Ramsey’s goal against Turkey was nothing short of exceptional. Gareth Bale’s pass over the heads of the entire Turkish Defence to Aaron Ramsey who made his run into the box was outlandish. The technique, precision and accuracy were exceptional. Ramsey’s chest control and his deft touch to guide the ball in were equally good as the ball to find him. Deserving mention in the best goal list of Euro 2020.


Another goal in this list that did not feature a celebration but one that warranted it! Andriy Yaremolenko scored one of the best goals of the tournament when he curled in a left-footed strike from outside the box into the Netherland goal.



Ukraine’s No 7 did not find it in his heart to celebrate as they were losing but on any other day, that goal would have easily made the headlines. The curl, the power and the accuracy were all spot on! A thunderous left-footed curler, the kind of which goalkeepers pray to avoid. Sadly, Ukraine did not do enough to beat the Netherlands on the day.


Is there a better satisfaction than watching Insigne side foot the ball and the curling into the net? The little Italian’s signature move has been otherworldly and he has been trying to do it all summer. Italy’s attacking mastermind did find a curling effort against Turkey, but this goal against Belgium was even better.



What was the Belgium defence thinking? When Insigne started charging up to them, they kept on backing down towards their goal. None seemed interested to t stick a leg in and this gave Italy’s wizard plenty of time to pull of his signature move. An inside foot curler to the far right of the goal past Courtois in goal. It was just momentous watching the ball curl into the net! The Italian’s had scored plenty of goals and this was right up there!


One word: Outrageous. There aren’t many goals in a tournament that is sure to be replayed over and over again for years to come. Unless, of course, if Zlatan Ibrahimovic is present. Patrik Schick had the audacity to shoot from the halfway line to find the back of the net.



Almost everyone in the stadium thought the Czech Republic striker had gone cuckoo as he swung his legs from the mid-way point. But none but Schik noticed the keeper of his line. An outlandish strike from nearly 50 yards out and there was no way the keeper was going to keep it out. A record for the farthest goal ever scored in a European Championship and one of the best goals of this tournament!

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