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After their close defeat in the final of the Euro 2020 competition,the England team was devastated, and so was their manager Gareth Southgate. While nothing will ease the pain of losing on penalties in the final of a competition, the England football team now needs to start focusing on their future. But what is next for the England team and how will they prepare for it?



England made it all the way to the final of the Euros but were sadly beaten by Italy. It was a very close game between the two sides and England were very unlucky not to have won. England scored the first goal within three minutes of the start, however, just after halftime, an Italian player scored the equalizer. The game continued into extra time, but neither team managed to score another goal. This meant that the game came down to penalties. Unfortunately, Italy scored one more penalty than England, meaning that they had won the competition, and England’s dream of bringing it home after 55 years was crushed.



While this was devastating for fans, players, and the manager of the team, this defeat seems to have spurred England on, and they are likely to come back fighting in the future. In fact, the team is already preparing for their next set of challenges, including the World Cup in Qatar. They have started discussing tactics – talking about what went wrong against Italy, and they are spending lots of time training together. Along with this, they are recovering from injuries by resting and relaxing at home.

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The next big tournament that England will play in is the 2022 World Cup. This tournament is being held in Qatar in November and December next year. The England team, and the manager Gareth Southgate have already got their hearts set on winning the competition. And this feat is not unlikely. The quality and youth of the England team are out of this world. With Phil Foden, Jude Bellingham, Mason Mouth, Bukayo Saka, and the likes of Jack Grealish and Mason Greenwood all getting ready for the tournament, there is a high possibility this team will do well.


Although there is a possibility that England could win the World Cup, they are not the favourite of the competition. Brazil and France are currently the favourites to win. However, England is third favourite, so we do not want to rule them out completely. If England uses their disappointment from the Euros to spur them on, you never know, they could go all the way.


The England team was devastated when they lost to Italy on penalties during the 2020 Euro competition. However, this talented squad has got a bright future ahead of them and they’ve got a lot to look forward to. With the World Cup coming up next year, we get to see them in action once again.

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