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HILARIOUS: Norwegian YouTubers Play Drunk Football

It is hard to function properly let alone play football in the morning after you get hammered last night, it’s called hangover and we’ve all been there once or twice at-least.

So what happens when you get hammered and suddenly decide to play football in a drunken state.Humornieu

Norwegian YouTuber Humornieu decided to test this theory, when they arranged a five-a-side game – with the rule that every player on the pitch should be drunk.

Both the teams were required to field players with a blood alcohol concentration of 1.0 at the very least.

If a player who scores had a blood alcohol level below 1.0, the goal was disallowed.3

The scenes that followed were of a high-school party, with beer and spirits flowing all across the dressing room – Pizza’s being smashed on faces.4

And right before the game started a player was spotted vomiting on the sideline.

Just as the match started, one manager can be heard saying – “This is exactly as bad as I expected”.

A goal was scored from a free-kick but was disallowed after breathalyzer test.

His manager said, “He isn’t drunk enough, we have to fix that with some tequila.”5

The team in the green jersey was leading 3-0 at half-time but lost 4-3 after the opposition manager changed his tactics.

The highlight of the match was that the drunkest player scored the winning goal.

Needless to say, a cool experiment and idea – two of my favorite things at once, beer and football… kudos Humornieu.

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