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WATCH: Hilarious Messi Vs Ronaldo Q&A Round Where They Curse Each Other Out Ahead Of El Clasico

Before they face each other in the on Saturday, the two of the world’s best footballers fight it out in this hilarious video.

el-clasicoRivalries between footballers are often talked about and make the game even more interesting. Taking the present decade into consideration, the names that first hits our mind are star and legend . Their path-breaking performances, breaking records, setting new milestones and battling neck to neck to the top the charts is what the fans love to see and debate about.

And as the world eagerly awaits to see them lock horns with each other as Barcelona host Real Madrid on Saturday in the high-octane El Clasico clash, 44200ns have come up with a hilarous Messi & Ronaldo Q&A! (El Clasico Preview).

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