legend, introduced his ex team-mate to the stunning Russian model Helga Lovekaty in a party.

Love Guru Ronaldo sets up ex team-mate with stunning model
Ronaldo introduced both in a party

Rodriguez, 26 – is currently on loan at Bayern Munich for two-years, both have been engaging social media with eachother.

The Russian stunner, 25, kicked-off her social media modelling game in 2013 and now has over 3.5 million followers on Instagram.

Mavrin Models spotted her stunning pictures but it looks like she has caught someone else’s attention too.

Thanks to a little help from “Love Guru” Ronaldo, the pair have exchanged a series of “likes” for each other’s photos on Instagram.

Helga Lovekaty is a social media model
She has now over 3.5 million followers on Instagram
The pair have exchanged likes on Instagram pictures
Which includes the Columbian star obviously
Thanks to Love Guru Ronaldo

Recently, she even congratulated star on leading his Colombia into FIFA World Cup 2018 – to be played in her native Russia.

The Bayern attacking star scored his nation’s only goal in the 1-1 draw away to Peru to secure their spot in the tournament.

Rodriguez announced in July that he is set to divorce wife and volleyball star Daniela Ospina, both have a daughter Salome.

Daniela is the sister of Arsenal and Colombia goalkeeper David Ospina.

The model congratulated the Colombian after booking a spot in the next world cup played in her native
James Rodriguez is divorcing wife Daniela Ospina
James apprears to have his eyes on the stunning Helga Lovekaty
Both have got close to each other ever since
Helga Lovekaty is a model from St Petersburg, Russia
James currently on loan from Real Madrid to Bayern
Say thank you to Ronaldo, James