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The 2021 Copa America will be the 47th edition of the tournament. The tournament will be staged in Argentina and Colombia, making it the first time the tournament will be hosted by two countries. The tournament was to be staged officially in 2020 but was postponed due to the pandemic. 

The South American Football Federation (CONMEBOL) is making plans to stage event by opening the stadiums to fans. The governing body is working with officials from Argentina and Colombia to procure vaccines in order to allow fans for the event.

As we gear up for a summer of football bonanza, FootTheBall takes a look at the stadiums that will be staging the games from 13th June to 10th July. 



Home of Argentinian club River Plate, the stadium is the largest stadium in Argentina with a capacity of 70,074. The stadium also serves as home to the Argentinian National team. It was the venue for the 1951 Pan American Games and also staged the 1978 FIFA World Cup final between Argentina and Netherlands.


Estadio Monumental is the largest stadium in Argentina. Image Courtesy: Buenos Aires Channel


The stadium has also held four Copa America finals with the most recent being in 2011. The stadium’s record capacity was achieved in 1975 when River Plate played Racing Club for the league title, 100,000 spectators were present.



Formerly known as Estadio Cordoba, the name of the stadium was changed after renovation in 2010 in honour of Mario Kempes, former Argentinian player and top goalscorer at the 1976 FIFA World Cup.  Located in Cordoba Argentina, the stadium was built in 1976 and was used as one of the venues for the FIFA World Cup in 1978. It has a capacity of 47,851 spectators, however, just like many stadiums in Argentina, it’s not a full seater.


Named in honour of former Argentinian player Alberto Kempes. Image Courtesy: South America 90


The stadium is owned by the Cordoba Province and is used by a host of clubs for their matches. Although most teams in Cordoba have their own stadiums the Estadio Mario is used to stage some of their big games because of its capacity. The stadium is also used by the Argentina National Team for International matches. The stadium is multipurpose and also possesses an athletic track.



The stadium is the largest stadium in Mendoza metropolitan area. The stadium is owned and administered by the provincial government and has a capacity of 40,000 spectators. The stadium was used as one of the venues during the 1978 FIFA World Cup in Argentina. Formerly known as Estadio Ciudad de Mendoza, the name of the stadium was changed after the Falklands War in 1982.


The stadium has a capacity of 40,000 spectators. Image Courtesy: Metro Images


The new name is in recognition of Argentina’s claim of sovereignty of the Falkland Islands. Besides the 1978 World Cup, the stadium was also one of the venues for the 2001 FIFA World Youth Championship, the 2011 Copa America and the 2013 South American Youth Football Championship. The stadium has also been used to stage Rugby events.



Built-in 2021 March 2021, Alberto Fernandez the President of Argentina attended the inauguration ceremony. The stadium is located in the city of Santiago del Estero.


Copa America 2021 Host Venue Stadiums
Image Courtesy: Equaphon/Website


It is operated by the provincial government and has a capacity of 30,000 spectators. Stadium facilities include a parking lot, gymnasium, restaurant and a gaming room.  



Commonly called the Estadio Metropolitano, the stadium a multi-use al seater football stadium located in Barranquilla Colombia. The stadium is home to local club Atletico Junior. It has a capacity of 46,692 spectators and was built for Colombia’s 1986 bid for the FIFA World Cup.


The stadium is home to local club Atletico Junior. Image Courtesy: Playmaker Stats


The stadium’s name is in honour of former Columbia footballer Roberto Melendez. The stadium is the 2nd largest stadium in Colombia. The stadium is also the official home of the Colombia National Team. 



Commonly referred to as El Campin, the stadium is located in Bogota Colombia. It is home to two Categoria A teams Millionarios and Santa Fe. The stadium is named after Nemesio Camacho, former manager of the then-existing streetcar system of Bogotá and also the father of Luis Camacho Matiz, the person who offered the land where the stadium would be constructed.


Commonly referred to as EL-Campin. The stadium is home to Millionarios and Santa Fe


The stadium was used to stage the final of the 2001 Copa America final where Colombia defeated Mexico to be crowned champions. It has a capacity of 36,343 spectators. 



The stadium has been named in honour of the poet Pascual Gurrero. It is a multipurpose stadium and has been used to host athletics, rugby, football and concerts.


It is often referred to as the “Sports Capital of America” because it is one of the finest and most modern sports facilities in Latin America. The stadium has a capacity of 35,000 spectators and is currently the home of América de Cali, Atlético, and Boca Juniors de Cali



The stadium is located in Medellin Colombia. It is currently used for football matches by two teams, Atlético Nacional and Independiente Medellín, two of the most successful and popular football clubs from Colombia. The stadium was built in 1953 and was used to stage the FIFA U-20 World Cup in Colombia. The stadium currently has a capacity of 40,043 spectators. 


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