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The Champions of England, Manchester City and Pep Guardiola will once again look to bolster their roster before the sparkling summer of football begins. Although the City spectators would hope that Pep Guardiola finally fulfils his dream of landing European glory.

With curtains being soon drawn on the summer window, the English giants are prepared to splash millions of pounds to cushion their star-studded roster. Jack Grealish has been identified as the solution to the major concern surrounding City’s failed attempts at European glory, but will the Aston Villa winger solve Etihad’s jigsaw puzzle?




Manchester City has reportedly bid 100 million pounds on 25-year-old Jack Grealish and Leon Bailey’s transfer to Villa Park is hinting towards Grealish’s departure. But pundits believe if the blue circles of Manchester want a taste of the European crown, they should begin their pursuit of a forward rather than Jack Grealish.

We at FootTheBall dig deep to find out whether Grealish could disguise himself as Guardiola’s goal-scoring machine or does Etihad need a poacher leading their line?



While Aston Villa’s homegrown left-winger has proved his metal in England’s top-flight, Jack Grealish won’t solve the headaches shrouding Pep Guardiola’s managerial tenure at the Etihad. The world is aware of the Spaniard’s wizardry and how there is a machine embedded inside Guardiola’s mind. But Catalan’s victorious magician hasn’t been able to replicate his European outings with the English giants.




The triumphant roster of Camp Nou that conquered Europe was dictated and controlled by Guardiola’s masterclass. But with Manchester City, the manager has had to be satisfied with domestic accolades. Although under Guardiola, Manchester City did pocket a silver medal last summer, the European crown still evades City’s trophy cabinet. Although Jack Grealish could garnish any squad that purchases him, the blue jersey might not perfectly suit the Three Lions’ winger.



Worth-mentioning is the fact that Jack Grealish’s quality isn’t the question here, the problem is that the 25-year-old doesn’t match Etihad’s requirement. With Kevin De Bruyne, Gundogan, Silva, and Fernandinho solidifying the midfield arena, Grealish starting in Pep’s centre is impossible.

While the emergence of Phil Foden and the assurance of Riyad Mahrez on the left flank put Grealish in third place. The Claret and Blue magician will have to operate his wizardry in an unknown spot which could degrade Grealish’s flamboyance, snatching away the sorcery he possesses.



A footballer’s reputation rankings will never be the crucial element in such a significant challenge, but Grealish must consider the ramifications of his decisions as he evaluates the two appealing standing in front of the electrifying winger. Entering City, from a place where he’s unanimously adored, would add tremendous expectation, authority, and enmity.



While Manchester City’s finances haven’t troubled Pep Guardiola’s shopping list, a change in the scenario for Grealish might not suit the outfit chasing European glory. The main objective behind the 100 million bid is to finally satisfy City’s Champions League thirst. Even if Guardiola fails to win a single piece of silverware domestically, a European crown would receive more applauds.



Something that has to be remembered is that the Citizens major requirement this summer is to introduce a brand-new forward at Etihad. Aguero’s departure to Camp Nou and Gabriel Jesus’ depleting career has forced Pep Guardiola to rethink his tactics. The Spaniard operated without a striker throughout the UCL campaign and though it reaped results, the absence of a goal-scorer was felt in Porto in Europe’s ultimate showdown.



While Villa spectators could argue that Jack Grealish can smash mouth-watering goals, the glittering playmaker doesn’t perfectly fit the category of a ‘Number-9’. Although the position was occupied by Manchester City and Argentine legend Sergio Aguero, the veterans’ departure to Barcelona has finally exposed a hole in Pep’s team sheet.



Phil Foden could bang in thunderous strikes, Riyad Mahrez could trouble defence with his electrifying gallops, and Raheem Sterling is returning after a goal-scoring carnival in the Euros but none of the above-mentioned players guarantees 20-25 goals per campaign.

And Grealish falls into the same catalogue, he could fabricate opportunities for his strikers but unfortunately, there aren’t many options available for Grealish to discover. He would have to dart in front of the goal on his own, carrying the playmaking and goal-scoring weights on his young shoulders.



So instead of splashing millions of pounds on Aston Villa’s generational talent, Manchester City should make a long-time investment in a striker who could dismantle the opposition’s frame week in and week out. And Jack Grealish’s unfolding on the world’s biggest stage has made him a billion-dollar property.

If Manchester City invests in a striker this summer they could still bid for Grealish next summer, with the Three Lions’ contestant rarely attracting attention because of his unmatchable price tag.



Question any Manchester City fan whom they would like to add to their star-studded roster and the majority of them would scream Harry Kane’s name. Tottenham’s deadliest weapon expressed his desire to part ways with the North London outfit after producing another shambolic season. Personally for Kane, the last edition of the Premier League manufactured quite a few honours, Spurs couldn’t replicate the strikers’ heroics.



With Manchester City looking a favourable destination for the trophy-hunting poacher, the combination of De Bruyne and Kane could demolish England’s top-flight.

The list doesn’t end here, Argentine striker Lautaro Martinez proved why he could satisfy the squad’s number.9 search with Inter and Argentina while Haaland’s Chelsea transfer is being delayed with each passing minute. Manchester City could choose expertise over reputation and opt for Ciro Immobile or Gerard Moreno.



Whatever the situation is if Pep Guardiola wants to achieve his long-standing dream of conquering the European throne with the English titans, the Spanish grandmaster should off-load investments in Jack Grealish and start his hunt for a forward garnishing Etihad’s eleven.

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