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Centre of attention!

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Social media’s power is unparalleled. It can make stars out of previously unassuming people in the blink of an eye. One big example came recently with Jason Tindall, Eddie Howe’s assistant coach at Newcastle United who went viral for being “Desperate to be centre of attention”!

So, who is Jason Tindall, what is the origin of this virality, and how has the club and Eddie Howe reacted to it?

Who is Jason Tindall?

Jason Tindall is best known for being an invaluable member of Eddie Howe’s coaching staff throughout the latter’s years in management.

Like his close friend, Tindall also made his name at Bournemouth. He made 171 appearances for the Cherries over nine years. When Eddie Howe took charge of Bournemouth, then in League Two, Tindall came in as his assistant.

The pair of Eddie Howe and Jason Tindall oversaw the most successful period in the club’s history, taking them all the way to the Premier League.

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After Howe was let go by the club post their relegation from the Premier League, Tindall was appointed as Head Coach to ensure continuity. However, his spell lasted for just six months before he was sacked. After a brief spell as coach at Sheffield United, he returned to familiar grounds, joining Eddie Howe’s coaching staff at Newcastle United.

The story behind Jason Tindall going viral

Like many other coaches, Jason Tindall and Eddie Howe are also fairly animated on the touchline. However, a few days ago, a Twitter account popped up with the username- “Jason Tindall desperate to be centre of attention”.

This account posted several clips and pictures where it appeared that Jason Tindall always managed to be the focus of any media involving multiple people, even overshadowing Eddie Howe most of the time. Here are some of the best ones-

The phenomenon reached such heights that even Eddie Howe was asked about Jason Tindall having “an eye for the camera”. Below is his hilarious response-

Apparently, Jason Tindall has also earned a new nickname as a result of his unexpected virality!

The account has rapidly risen to almost 50k followers. Even Newcastle acknowledged the phenomenon and went in on the joke, christening Jason Tindall as the “GOAT”-

This phenomenon is here to stay and Newcastle’s next game is now going to be a box office affair. The most hilarious thing to come out of this is that the account accusing Jason Tindall of being desperate for attention has now diverted all the attention in Newcastle’s next game towards Jason Tindall.

Your move now, Jason!

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