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Football these days is more than life on the pitch. Players have started to give more consideration to life off the pitch as well. Fans also have taken football to another level, by  bringing betting to the game which adds a whole new dimension to the game.

Whether you’re planning to bet on NFL week 4 odds or for other events, the following football bets can maximise your profit.

  • Handicap Bet

You wager on your favourite team and underdog team. You can put your stake on the team which will win or if one team has a higher chance to score more goals than their total. 

To make this football bet, you’ve to compare standard points like each player’s number of goals and the number of games each player has won.


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  • Over/Under

Over/Under is the easiest football bet that lets you speculate on whether a particular match will have more Over or less Under. This is figured out compared to a fixed number of goals. 

Over/Under bets have a greater chance of being correct if you select an Over bet for a low number of goals. This is also true in case you choose an Under bet for a high number of goals. This is an excellent pick for betting beginners

  • Double Chance

Double Chance is another easy and profitable football bet. In this type, you can bet on two of three possible outcomes. Your options include the following:

  • Home or Draw: Here, the home team wins, or the match draws 
  • Draw or Away: The away team wins the match, or the game draws 
  • Home or Away: One of both teams – the home team and the away team – wins the match.

Since you can bet on two outcomes, you have a higher chance of being correct.

  • Draw No Bet

In this bet, you speculate on a specific team winning the game while insulating from a draw. Put simply, if the result of the match is a draw, the bet is cancelled, and you get a refund for your money. So, it’s an easier bet to win compared to a regular Home or regular Away bet.

  • Scorecast (First Scorer/Correct Score Double)

This bet combines the first scorer with the correct score. It’s commonly known as a ‘scorecast’. This type of football bet is very popular with bookies because they know people rarely win it. But once you’ve mastered it, it’s one of the most profitable football bets to try.

So, try out these football bets, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned punter. You’re sure to benefit from these. 

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