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Playboy Or Bible! Ronaldo’s Hilarious Offer To Pato During AC Milan Days

Former star Alexandre Pato has revealed how his first day at the club went.

Pato said that he was offered a Playboy magazine by legend Ronaldo, as he gave the Villarreal man a choice to join his group or compatriot ’s.Alexandre Pato

The Brazil international moved to Milan at the age of 17 and was greeted by a dressing-room full of Brazilian stars.

Alexandre Pato recalls how ‘O Fenomeno’ walked upto him on his first day at and offered him a very unusual choice.

“I remember when I arrived, Ronaldo and [Paolo] Maldini were there at my side, and opposite was Kaka,” Pato explained.Alexandre Pato

“Ronaldo came over and asked how I was, and then he told me ‘You have to decide, come with me (and he showed me a Playboy) or go in Kaka’s group (who in the dressing room had some church things)’.”

“At that time I wasn’t expecting those things from a player I used to play with on the PlayStation, but they were big moments.”

The 27-year-old Alexandre Pato also spoke about his relationship with Carlo Ancelotti, whom he calls a father-figure.Alexandre Pato

“Ancelotti was like a father to me,” he said.

“The first day he told to do what I knew how, just play football, and if it weren’t for him I would not have gone to Milan.”

“I would like to see him again… Ancelotti was crucial in turning me into the player I am today and is an example as a person.”

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