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Best Memes From The World Of Football As Donald Trump Wins US Election

The world was glued to their television sets and cell phones were flooded with notifications after was elected the 45th president of the United States. And now football aficionados have taken to social media platforms to express their views.

Photo Courtesy: Sky News

Photo Courtesy: Sky News

Some are happy with the result while many fear the future implications of a Trump Presidency after a series of his controversial statements and actions during the election campaign.

Minutes after the results were announced football fans were busy flaunting their photoshop skills as they morphed pictures of Trump and Hillary Clinton and posted a series of memes to illustrate their election battle.

Hillary Clinton has been mocked by morphing her face in the famous Gerrard slip moment from ’s 2013-14 Premier League season and then as a goalkeeper who dived in the wrong end during a penalty shoot-out, followed by a series of quirky tweets.

With every passing day more memes will surface across all social media platforms and we will keep you updated.

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