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Spain have crashed out of the semis at the Euros. They have lost to title favorites Italy on penalties. Till then the La Roja had an impressive campaign with their youngsters impressing. Dani Olmo is one such player who made the most of his opportunities giving us a reason to know the facts about him.

The versatile winger became an integral part of RB Leipzig as they finished second in the Bundesliga. The Spaniard dished nine assists along with scoring five goals.

Olmo wasn’t a starter for Spain initially. He made an impact off the bench continuously and pushed for a starter spot. Olmo had a bittersweet semifinal as he assisted Alvaro Moratas’s equalizer. He agonizingly missed his penalty as Italy held their nerves to seal progression.

Nevertheless, Olmo had an impressive tournament and would look to translate his form into the new Bundesliga season. We present you top facts you must know about Dani Olmo.


Dani Olmo Carvajal was born in the Catalonian city of Terrassa. He was born to Miquel Olmo on the seventh day of May in 1998. Olmo’s mother’s details aren’t known as of yet. He has an older brother in Carlos Olmo.

Olmo had the nickname of Olmic growing up. Born in a middle-class family, Olmo was a fun-loving kid who loved pranks.


Though much is not known about Olmo’s mother, it is understood that she is of Croatian ancestry. Olmo’s paternal grandfather hails from Croatia. When Olmo was playing for Dinamo Zagreb in Croatia, he was given the chance of taking Croatian citizenship.

Olmo politely declined the offer and choose to play for Spain. However, Olmo is proficient in the Croatian language.


Miquel Olmo, Daniel’s father fell in love with the beautiful game in the streets of Catalonia. He was a professional footballer for lower teams in Spain. Though he didn’t make it big he made sure that his kids would do it for him.

Miquel hung up his boots and became a football coach and was Daniel’s and Carlos’ first coach. His training shaped them into top professionals and proved that the apple doesn’t fall far away from the tree.


Olmo was a prodigy right from his childhood. He was making rapid progress in the game under his father. He needed to go professional very soon and RCD Espanyol, Barcelona’s arch-rivals snapped him up as an eight-year-old.

His talent was too good to let go for Catalan giants Barcelona as they poached Olmo a year later. With this move, Olmo has experience of sharing a piece of history of both the Catalan sides.


Olmo thrived at La Masia as he finished as their youth side’s top scorer four out of six times. The youngster looked set to make the next breakthrough and be the Catalan’s pride. But the arrival of two Koreans amid much fanfare changed his star status.

Olmo slipped down the pecking order and saw no way through again. He made a brave call by moving to Croatia. The move came as a surprise to Barcelona as he signed up with Dinamo Zagreb.


The Spaniard is a versatile midfielder. He excels in a number of positions. A midfielder by trade, he can also play down the wing or also lead the line as a striker. He also has a high level of genius on the ball.

He has a hawk-like vision to pick passes and great dribbling ability on the ball. All these factors helped Olmo become a fan favorite at Spain and Leipzig.


Olmo is earning big at Leipzig. His transfer market value has also rocketed to £35 million. Though the youngster earns handsomely he doesn’t essentially live a luxurious life.

However, Olmo loves vacations and can be seen celebrating his off days in water parks and resorts around the world. He loves his jetski which races on the water just like Olmo on the pitch.


Tennis and Football are two sports that go hand in hand in Spain. Players of either sport share a love for the other one. Rafael Nadal, a legendary Spanish tennis player idolizes Real Madrid.

Olmo is a footballer that loves Tennis. He is seen often with a racquet in hand challenging his father or brother or a few of his close friends. A passionate hobby eh?


In the world of football, tattoos are pretty common. Many top players like Lionel Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Memphis Depay are seen donning impressive tattoos. Cristiano Ronaldo is a rare breed that doesn’t do tattoos.

Olmo looks set to follow the Portuguese international’s footsteps as of now. He aims to maintain a fit body and athletic body and flaunt his macho. He also stays away from smoking and drinking.

10) WAG

At the time of writing Olmo is single. Given his charming looks, Olmo must be irresistible for the Spanish women. The 21-year-old looks to be determined on improving his career rather than get unwanted attention.

Or it is entirely possible that the seemingly most eligible bachelor is not single at all. A secret girlfriend may pop out of nowhere on Olmo’s social feed.

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