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The Secret Life Of Footballers: Lamps-Messi Real-Estate Moguls, Ronaldo-Becks The Fashionistas

Sportstars including footballers are infamous for being very irregular and irresponsible with how they handle their wealth, which is why we see so many former greats going broke with-in years of calling it a day on their playing career.

Be it Mike Tyson or Paul Gascoigne – we have seen how some of our favorite stars fall from the grace.Footballers

But, what about the others, the ones who are smart enough to actually make smart investments.

Did you know David Beckham earns enough to live-off just by selling his perfume or that Ronaldo owns of the most luxury clothing and fashion brands.

Research group SBO published a report where they dug deep into the secret entrepreneurial life of some of the biggest and smartest footballers in the world.retirement-2

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