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The name Cristiano evokes a lot of emotions in football fans no matter their allegiance. One of the game’s greatest ever players has inspired countless other budding footballers to take up the sport and has become an idol of the highest order. One such teenager is striker Cristiano Fitzgerald who was named after the great man himself.


The Irish U19 sensation is set to make his debut against Sweden. However, his main asset so far has been his explosive pace on the training ground, with speeds reaching 35.27km-per-hour. That puts him in the list of top-10 fastest players in the world and if he can manage it in a match, he will be number 10. FootTheBall runs down the fastest players in the game on their day. 


10. KYLE WALKER (35.24 kmph)

The  City right-back is one of the quickest players in the Premier League and for his national side. Certainly nobody can catch him amongst his club mates who refused to believe his fake FIFA 22 pace rating. Walker has used his speed to great effect over the years, bombing up and down the right flank.


Crucially, that has also enabled him to make several last ditch tackles when it was thought impossible. 


9. KARIM BELLARABI (35.38 kmph)

Last season saw Bellarabi his lowest number of starts with only seven, but the German winger is renowned for his pace and crossing abilities. He had four goals and six assists in the 2019-20 campaign while his experience in the locker room is surely a calm presence for the youngsters.


On his day, Bellarabi can still torch defenders down his favoured right side as well as being an important asset to have when his team is in need of some spark. 



Arsenal’s premier goal threat has been one of the league’s most prolific marksmen since his arrival to the Emirates. Aubameyang’s pace helps him play off the shoulder of the last defender and even if he starts his runs late, he can catch up to the play.


Furthermore, Aubameyang can also switch plays from back to front quickly which enables the players around him to break at lightning speed in order to score. 


7. INAKI WILLIAMS (35.62 kmph)

Athletic Bilbao’s record-setting forward who made his 203rd straight appearance in La Liga last weekend. Williams, much like Aubameyang, uses his raw pace to get past his markers along with covering large distances in shorter periods.


Moreover, his quick feet with the ball in control enables him to face up to defenders one-on-one in dangerous positions and more often than not, beat them before bearing down on goal. 


6. ERLING BRAUT HAALAND (36.04 kmph)

The “Terminator” has been a goal-getting phenomenon over his budding career and looks set to reach dizzying heights in the future. Haaland’s goal-to-games ratio is one of the best in the world and a large part of it is because of his extreme quickness. Using his supreme strength to hold off defenders, Haaland utilises his pace to get around them in order to get into shooting positions.


Moreover, his speed also helps in chasing long balls over the top and passes into dangerous areas which he can latch onto more often than not. 


5. KYLIAN MBAPPE (36.08 kmph)

The torchbearer of the next generation of superstar players in football, Mbappe has been a force to be reckoned with for sometime now. Ever since bursting onto the scene with Monaco in 2017, he has gone from strength to strength. His pace needs no introduction as he is able to most players on his day, and score a lot of goals due to it. Now as part of the newly formed MNM trio, this season could see him setting new records once again before his rumoured move away next summer. 


4. ADAMA TRAORE (36.25 kmph)

One of the finest dribblers in the Premier League whose shooting can be a little sketchy at times. Traore has had an explosive start to the new season even as Wolves have majorly faltered out of the gate.


His quick bursts of speed coupled with ball carrying abilities over long distances allows him to transition from defence into attack seamlessly. Furthermore, his crossing prowess is solid as he swings in balls whenever he gets the chance from the flanks. 


3. MARCUS RASHFORD (36.30 kmph)

Since the start of the pandemic, Rashford has been a leader in driving change off the pitch in the UK along with remaining a magnificent player on it. The English star plays on the left wing or through the middle, scoring a lot of goals as well as drawing fouls often. Rashford’s undeterred nature in the face of challenges makes him difficult to catch once he gets on his bike. 


2. ACHRAF HAKIMI (36.48 kmph)

The second of the two fullbacks at the top of this list, Hakimi has been a revelation since his explosive last season with Inter. Hakimi was an upcoming star in the making before that as well with spells at Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund but Antonio Conte really brought out the best in him.


His wingback efficiency was evident as he outran the strikers at times in order to get to positions of great shooting opportunities. Now at PSG, heis partnership with Mbappe has already started flourishing. 


1. ALPHONSO DAVIES (36.51 kmph)

The Canadian has become one of the most vital pieces in an ever rampant Bayern Munich side. Davies’ attacking nous along with his terrifying speed makes him a nightmare to both mark and attack.


He regularly joins forward plays along with being the originator of many himself. On the other side, his speed allows him to track back and put in challenges on the opposition even if he loses possession in a dangerous part of the pitch. 

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