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Argentine Footballer Arrested After Lashing Out A Cantona-Style Kick On Rival Fan

Argentine footballer, Sebastian Pol grabbed the headlines after launching a Eric Cantona style kick towards a rival fan. He was later arrested by the police in his changing room after the match was concluded.

27 year old Pol’s side went down with a 4-1 defeat. He could now face up to two years in jail if convicted under a law designed to eradicate stadium violence in Chile. Sebastian Pol climbed on to the railing and lashed the Cantona style kick on the supporter.

pol-kickCristobal Aztorquiza, the fan who was attacked, said afterwards: “He kicked me in the face. He climbed onto the railings and attacked me. I’m going to file a formal complaint.”

cantona-kickThe “kung fu lunge” may land him in serious trouble as Eric Cantona was guilty of the same which resulted in a 8 month ban for the French.

pol-arrestedHe is now set to face a jail sentence due to the violation of various human rights laws which were broken when he deliberately kicked Cristobal Aztorquiza in the face.

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